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Courtney Small (CS) - Founder, Writer
Hailing from Toronto, I have a deep and eclectic love of cinema. My passion for both film and writing finally merged when this site was created. Little did I know that this film blog would open up wonderful opportunities for me including covering several great film festivals and writing for other publications. Outside of this site, you can find my thoughts on film in Comix Asylum Magazine. The interactive magazine is currently available in both the iTunes and Amazon app stores. You can read all of my Big Thoughts from a Small Mind film reviews here.

Jenny Treash (JBT) - Writer
My fondness for film began as an adolescent in the 80’s when I grew up watching John Hughes movies. My irrepressible love of cinema led me to create my own movie library consisting of dozens and dozens of VHS tapes. As I got older, my love of film never waned, and combined with my passion for writing, I developed an interest in reading and writing about film. In university, I majored in English and took electives in pop culture and film. I then went on to complete a post-graduate degree in Journalism with a focus on entertainment broadcast. Though I don’t work in the broadcast journalism or film industry today, I remain very passionate about cinema. I enjoy watching lots of different genres, talking about movies and the movie biz, and now as a contributor on this blog, writing regularly about an art I really love. I hope that my contributions prove interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking. You can read my reviews here.


Peter F. (Pistol Pete)
The first film I remember seeing is 'Star Wars' in 1977; my parents took my brother and I to our first cinema experience. I was instantly blown away with the action, special effects and what I better understand now are the story elements blended with mythological archetypes and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Quest. I don't even think I ate my popcorn; my father recalls smiling at these two kids staring at the screen, eyes as wide as saucers. I've been hooked on films ever since. You can find my reviews here.

Andrew Treash (AGT)
I don't proclaim to be an "expert" when it comes to movies, but I learned a long time ago that Roger Ebert and I have similar tastes.

I like movies that stick with me for a long time, either because they're a little different (like Barton Fink), or just plain ridiculous (like Naked Gun).

My other interests include tennis, downhill running and smiling politely. You can read my reviews here.

Norman McGlashan (Francis Mckay)
Who is Francis Mckay? Well that is a mystery for another day. What we can say is that he is an avid cinema lover who can frequently be found chatting with folks in TIFF lines. Recently, he decided to share his love of film with the world through his blog Flick Hunter.

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