Monday, July 22, 2013

The Wolverine + Comix Asylum Magazine

My apologies for the lack posts over the last few days, but I was enjoying a much needed vacation with the family. While I slowly ramp things on this site back up to speed, I recommend that you give the latest issue of Comix Asylum Magazine a read. In this issue you will find a piece I wrote on the upcoming film, The Wolverine. The magazine is currently available in the iTunes Newsstand and will also be available on the Google Play and Amazon platforms shortly.

If you have not read an issue of Comix Asylum Magazine before, you can get a free video preview via the magazine’s Facebook page.

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  1. This movie has its betting point on the script rather than traditional marvel practice of giving more importance to destruction and action 'overdose'. surprisingly there are no mutants shown other than wolverine and viper like its previous installment...that is to focus totally on lead character which is a good thing. There are fight scenes which are very well executed and make their impression very well on the viewer, thanks to special effects and nice cinematography. Certainly director James Mangold credited for diverging marvel ship from traditional routes to new ones. In this movie wolverine is shown fighting his inner demons throught his journey in Tokyo, japan. and two things are highlighted here.. his nightmares on jean grey and his "curse" of immortality. A fight with silver samurai may surprise viewer on the amount of admantium available on earth i.e. it was shown to be limited in its previous installment. Coming to acting part every one sizzles and off-course hugh jackman is life of movie. Overall movie is entertaining and meeting rather exceeding expectations.A must watch for all fans. Don't forget to watch a post credit scene which makes way for next x-man:days of future past.


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