Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what film lovers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading and Listening Schedule for Today:

9 am: Jessica had the stars align when she sat down to watch Django Unchained.

10 am: Episode 2 of The Film Pasture podcast explores the films, and the ticket processes, of Sundance.

11 am Chip Lary gives his thoughts on Amour. A film I plan on seeing the film this weekend.

12 pm: Tippi highlights how World War I is portrayed in film.

1 pm: Lee and Dan of the Midnight Movie Club podcast discuss this year’s Best Picture nominees.

2 pm: Alex caught up with Headhunters.

3 pm: Scott looks back on the best poker films of the past.

4 pm: Rodney contemplates the digital versus film debate.

5 pm: Lackey reviewed the French horror film Night of the Hunted (La nuit des traquées).

6 pm: evlkeith shares his thoughts on the Korean animated film about bullying The King of Pigs.

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