Monday, December 31, 2012

Adventures in Podcasting: The Matineecast Ep. 75

Ryan McNeil, of The Matinee, and his lovely wife Lindsay graciously had my wife Dionne and me over for some holiday treats and film discussion. In the latest episode of The Matineecast, the four of us share our top five films of the 2012! Needless to say there were films we all agreed on and films, a popular musical in particular, that led to some interesting debates. Be sure to give the episode a listen and share your thoughts on our top five films. Also, be sure to check back here tomorrow when I unveil the top ten films I loved in 2012.


  1. Great job on the podcast! It was a lot of fun and spotlighted some films that I knew little about before this point. I'm really interested in checking out The Imposter. Nice job to both of you!

    1. The one good thing about year-end lists is that you are bound to discover a film or two. I highly recommend you give The Imposter a watch when you get the chance.


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