Thursday, November 29, 2012

Which Is Better?

Richard Jenkins
10 sample films:

Killing Them Softly
The Visitor
Flirting with Disaster
Burn After Reading
Let Me In
North Country
Friends with Benefits
Step Brother
Sea of Love

The Cabin in the Woods


Bryan Cranston
10 sample films:

Total Recall
John Carter
Love Ranch
Red Tails
Little Miss Sunshine
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Rock of Ages

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. Richard Jenkins... he just wins.

    while I love some Walter White love his work ethic allows him to be in a lot of questionable projects (see list given for Cranston).

  2. Nothing against Bryan Cranston, I actually do not remember his bad performance. But, haven't we agreed on Richard Jenkins being better than every character actor working today? No? They should. :)

  3. My God, this is the hardest one to date! I chose Jenkins, but it's a very close call.

  4. I gotta go Jenkins. The only film on Cranston's list that I liked was Drive. The other ones I haven't seen or I loathed. I love Breaking Bad and Cranston but as far as these lists go, Jenkins wins for me.

  5. I have to choose Richard Jenkins because he has a strong film output, but I think Cranston has the potential to get there. Right now, he's making small appearances in supporting roles most of the time.

  6. These may be my two favorite character actors working today. If we're talking just film, I will go with Jenkins, but if we are including television then I have to vote for Cranston. It doesn't get much better than his role as Walter White/Heisenberg.

  7. I'm not entirely familiar with Bryan Cranston's work as I've only seen a few things that he's in so I have to go with Richard Jenkins.

  8. I really like both of them. Jenkins is more of a film actor I'd venture to say. Gotta go with Cranston though. He's classic in Malcolm in the Middle and amazing in Breaking Bad.

  9. Wow, this is a really though one. My initial choice would be Jenkins, but thinking more about it I will have to go with Cranston because I sometimes don't realise it is him, which means he really does his job well.


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