Saturday, October 06, 2012

Whose Line Is It?

Certain lines in movies are so good that they stick in your memory forever.  Some people throw around movie quotes like they’re part of their everyday vernacular and others engage in friendly games of movie quote trivia. Memorable movie quotes and lines of dialogue can be just as important to a film as its action and cinematography.  Speeches, one-liners, statements, professions of love and hate, insults, barbs, quips and cheesy sayings – they can each be remembered for their quotability, how and when the line was delivered, how funny they were and for many other reasons.  Many memorable movie lines aren’t from the best movies but they’re memorable anyway. 

We’ve selected a series of quotes from several films we’ve seen over the years.  Your job is to identify the character who said the line and to name the film.  Easy enough, right?  We think so….

  1. Pain don’t hurt.

  1. I can’t remember to forget you.

  1. I’m a big, bright, shining star.  That’s right.

  1. No more yankie my wankie. The Donger need food!

  1. Why don't you give me your number in case anything happens to my wife.

  1. Rock stars have kidnapped my son!

  1. I have a unique knowledge of this prison facility.  I was formerly a guest here. 

  1. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

  1. You betcha! 

  1.  It’s all in the reflexes. 


  1. I don't remember the character's name,but I think I know some of the movies on here

    1. Predator
    3. Boogie Nights
    6. Almost Famous
    8. Goodfellas
    9. Fargo

    1. 3, 6, 8 and 9 are correct.

  2. 4. Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles
    7. Sean Connery's character in The Rock

    The Vern got 8 and 9 right - Henry Hill in Goodfellas and several characters in Fargo.

    1. Correct on all counts!

  3. Phips6:53 pm

    #6 is Frances McDormand in Almost Famous

    #8 is Ray Liotta in Goodfellas

  4. Phips9:50 pm

    well i cheated for #5 since i was dying to know but thats a good one.

  5. It's a great line from a great character in a great film. I wonder, is the sequel coming any time soon?


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