Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading and Listening Schedule for Today:

9 am: In the most recent episode of Scriptnotes John and Craig discuss the pros and cons of blogging and online writing in general.

10 am: The latest episode of Can't Stop the Podcast looks back at the comedy Freddy Got Fingered.

11 am Joseph interviews Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg about their film Cosmopolis.

12 pm: Matthew Price has a great video looking back on the career of Ridley Scott.

1 pm: Tom spent time with the film Get the Gringo.

2 pm: In case you missed it, the Double Feature Friday game is back! Be sure to enter each week.

3 pm: Addison reviewed the Celebrity Shorts Program playing at the Worldwide Short Film Festival.

4 pm: Dave re-imagines the ending of Amelie.

5 pm: Andina share the 12 things she loved about The Muppets.

6 pm: Bill examines What’s in a Good Horror Director?


  1. Hi CS, thank you for the link love! :D Hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. My pleasure, Andina.

  2. Glad you saw that we did the Freddy Got Fingered podcast, though you have my sympathies if you made it through.

    1. I am still shocked you guys even attempted to talk about that film. While the film is awful, it did make for a lively podcast.

  3. Thanks for the mention Courtney. :)


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