Thursday, March 01, 2012

Which is Better?

Marion Cotillard
10 sample films:

La Vie En Rose
Toi et Moi
Little White Lies
Public Enemies
Big Fish
Midnight in Paris
A Good Year


Penélope Cruz
10 sample films:

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
All About My Mother
Belle Epoque
Vanilla Sky/Open Your Eyes
Jamón, Jamón
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. This is rough, I think Pe has been doing significant work for a while now (or at least in more significant films) whereas Marion has recently rose to such stratospheric heights. And, also, I loved them both in NINE (yeah, I'll continue being the lone defender of that movie - with pride). I think Cotillard is the better actor, I think Cruz is the better *performer* if that makes sense, to you. I thin they're both lovely.

  2. Cotillard every time!

  3. Hah, as if this one is even a contest.

  4. @Andrew - Cruz and Cotillard were both great in "Nine", the only real highlights from that misguided film.

    @Red - I actually had you in mind with this one, knowing your love for Cotillard. I am going against the grain though and picking Cruz. Cotillard is talented and has had the benefit of working with many of the top directors so early in her young career.

    However, I have been a fan of Cruz long before she started doing films in America. I think she stumbled a bit in her initial foray into American films because she was miscast as “the hot love interest” when her English was not that strong. She has really come into her own of late. Plus, her Pedro Almodóvar films give Cruz additional points from me.

  5. Cruz for me. Great in 'most everything she does, even slightly rubbish movies like Broken Embraces. I don't dislike MC, but post-Vie en Rose I haven't really enjoyed her performances.

  6. Cotillard for me please!

  7. Phips2:12 pm

    Marion Cotillard for me...easily.

    I think she is an absolutely fantastic actor and vastly underrated by most.

    Thankfully she's becoming more popular in Hollywood and getting cast in more US movies.

  8. I go with Marion too. She's definitely underrated as an actress lacking the Hollywood enigma Penelope has.

  9. I think I would say Penelope Cruz, because I've been extremely impressed by her work lately...
    but Marion Cotillard is a fantastic actress too. I just haven't seen her in many films; she was incredible in La Vie en Rose, but her Midnight in Paris and Inception characters were kind of... not that special.

  10. Dammit! I'm really hating you now because I love both of these women.

    I'm more inclined to say Penelope Cruz due to experience and the fact that I've seen more of her films than Marion Cotillard's.

    I didn't like Nine at all as I found it to be boring and bloated but Penelope and Marion were the performances in that film that saved it from being a total disaster.

    Acting wise, I'm going to say Cotillard.

    If one was to ask who would I want to sleep with. Cotillard because at least she isn't married to a guy who is more likely to give me the ass-kicking of a lifetime or shoot me with a big gun.

  11. Cotillard is better in English language films; Cruz is better in her native language.

  12. Marion Cotillard all day. Never was a big fan of Penelope to be honest. I don't think she works well in English-speaking movies so that kills it for me.

  13. Marion Cotillard for me. She makes everything she's in better. Penelope is great sometimes (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Volver, other Almodovar films), but Marion is great always.

    Also, I will defend Nine with Andrew - to a point. I certainly liked it far more than most people did.

  14. I love them both exponentially. I might have to go with Marion Cotillard though. She has such a unique elegance to her. I think Penelope often relies too much on her inherent sexiness, rather than her considerable acting talent. I agree with Chip Lary, Penelope is better when she's able to speak Spanish. She explodes off the screen.

  15. Marion Cotillard is my favorite living actress. Cruz is great, but Cotillard... oh my.


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