Friday, March 09, 2012

Scene Stealer: Swingers

“You’re so money and you don’t even know it.” It is lines like this that makes Swingers so darn entertaining. “Babies” and “money” are the common vernacular in Jon Favreau’s brilliantly scripted film starring himself and Vince Vaughn. The pretty “babies” are women and “money” is used as an adjective to describe, well, everything: “That’s really money,” “They’ll see how money you are.” Those two things are really what the movie is about – a group of guys trying to make it big in Hollywood, where everything comes down to money, and about the interaction between men and women (the “honey babies”) and getting back on your feet after love knocks you down.

The movie follows Mike (Jon Favreau) and Trent (Vince Vaughn) as they weave their way through the Hollywood Hills and over to Las Vegas looking for parties and women to hook up with, and for ways to get Mike dating again and over the breakup with his girlfriend of six years. What makes this film so impressive and so good are the scenes with Mike and Trent and the dialogue between them. Mike is an angst-ridden guy who mopes about his ex-girlfriend Michelle and is awkward and apprehensive around women because he hasn’t been single in six years. His friend, Trent, uses the words “money,” “baby” or “babies” in virtually every sentence he utters. He’s a chauvinistic, narcissistic womanizer who thinks that he can land any woman, and the scene stealer I’ve chosen inexplicably proves him right.

After Mike cowers in his half furnished apartment, downtrodden and depressed, Trent drags him out and the two embark on a midnight drive to Vegas. They’re in a Vegas casino and Trent uses his unique brand of charm to woo a waitress at the casino. He’s demeaning to her, even Mike acknowledges, but Trent insists his approach will work like a charm and it does. He’s a total asshole, but in the end, he and Mike and the waitress set a date to meet when her shift is over at the end of the night.

Try counting the number of times Trent says “baby” or “babies” in the scene – it’s hilarious! If you played a drinking game while watching this movie and took a swig every time either of those words was uttered, you’d be well in the bag before the final credits rolled. But it’s the dialogue that, while silly and repetitive, is quintessential to the film and so very funny and memorable. This scene features the film’s best – Favreau and Vaughn together, two friends as different as night and day, talking about women.


  1. I'm not sure it stands the test of time that well, but I absolutely LOVED this movie when it came out. I wince, even now, at the answering machine scene...STOP BLOODY CALLING HER, YOU FOOL!

  2. This movie had my friends and I saying: "That's so money" and calling everyone "baby" all through high school.

  3. @Colin - I find the film as entertaining as ever.

    I almost picked the answering machine scene as the scene stealer because it's another of the film's great scenes. I just cringe every time he calls again!

    @Alex Jowski - The dialogue is definitely one of the most memorable things about the film.


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