Thursday, February 16, 2012

Which is Better?

Anne Hathaway
10 sample films:

The Devil Wears Prada
The Princess Diaries
Get Smart
Bride Wars
Rachel Getting Married
One Day
Alice in Wonderland
Brokeback Mountain


Rachel McAdams
10 sample films:

The Notebook
Midnight in Paris
The Vow
State of Play
Sherlock Holmes
Red Eye
Mean Girls
The Family Stone
The Lucky Ones
Wedding Crashers

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. Anne is the one with an Oscar nomination but I believe Rachel McAdams is the better actress... she brings more charm to her roles

  2. Both good, young actresses.

    But I think McAdams has received better roles.

  3. Rachel McAdams seems to have more talent. I enjoyed her performance in Morning Glory more than anything Anne Hathaway has done. What makes this pick for me so close is that McAdams is horrible at picking good scripts. Anne Hathaway at least has some variety in her performances and does find herself in a good movie occasionally. Sticking to acting talent, though, McAdams is just a bit better.

  4. Both these actresses are extremely beautiful making it even more to choose. But, I am choosing Anne Hathaway over Rachel McAdams. I am going against the popular opinion so far but I think Anne Hathaway has a little more variety in her roles and few more memorable roles than McAdams.

  5. Phips3:04 pm

    Easy for me. Rachel McAdams...Midnight In Paris, Sherlock Holmes, Wedding Crashers. That trifecta alone trumps Anne's films. Granted, the two actors have different genre films on their liststs but still.

  6. I'm going with Anne Hathaway. I like The Princess Diaries (the 2nd one not so much) and Ella Enchanted. I love her as a comedy actress yet I also know she could do more in films like Nicholas Nickelby, Becoming Jane, and Rachel Getting Married. Yes, she's been in some bad movies like Bride Wars and Valentine's Day but she is willing to do projects that can help her craft.

    I do like Rachel McAdams but it's just that I'm more into Anne Hathaway as she's in my shortlist of actresses whom I'm writing projects for.

  7. I will pick Anne Hathaway, if only the strength of Rachel Getting Married. That performance outweights pretty much all of her less impressive ones. McAdams is fine, but she doesn't have an outstanding entry like Rachel Getting Married.

  8. If Hathaway's only movie was Rachel Getting Married I would have picked her. That was one of the best performances I've seen.

  9. Yea gotta agree with the consensus here, Rachel McAdams is easily the more talented and consistent actress so I must choose her but she definitely needs better representation.

    On the other hand, Hathaway has a couple great movies that really featured her really well (The Devil Wears Prada and Rachel Getting Married).

  10. Not a big fan of either but I'd have to go with Hathaway for Brokeback.

  11. Another close choice, but I have to go with Hathaway for being willing to take more chances on screen than McAdams.

  12. I think Castor is a little bias since he is so much in love with McAdams. :)

    I'd pick Hathaway due to the range of characters she has played. Appropriately. I see McAdams as being the same in a lot of her roles.


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