Thursday, February 02, 2012

Which is Better?

Tommy Lee Jones
10 sample films:

The Fugitive
The Company Men
Men in Black
The Client
Natural Born Killers
Blue Sky
Under Siege
No Country for Old Men
Space Cowboys


Jeff Bridges
10 sample films:

The Fabulous Baker Boys
The Big Lebowski
Crazy Heart
The Last Picture Show
Blown Away
True Grit
The Vanishing
Iron Man

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. Jeff Bridges off course. It is going to be landslide.

  2. While my initial thought was that this would be an easy win for Bridges, looking at Jones’ career has me thinking different. I would argue that Jones has been in the better overall films. Though not always flashy, he can give memorable performances when needed. Bridges is a great actor (especially in films like Fearless and The Fisher King) but I find he has relied on the Lebowski-isms too much of late.

  3. Phips3:34 pm

    Based on the 10 v 10 films here, as is my understanding of the question "Which Is Better?", Im going with Jeff Bridges. I do like TLJ but the 10 Bridges films here beat TLJ's 10.

    Lewbowski kinda sealed it for me but then Crazy Heart helped too...I thought he was fantastic in that film.

  4. I like Tommy Lee Jones but I have to go with THE DUDE!!!

  5. Okay, I'll toss in a vote for Jones. When I first saw the post I thought it was another good selection of two well-matched people. I am surprised most people feel Bridges is clearly above Jones.

  6. Damn, this is a tough one. I gotta go with Bridges, though.

  7. Both are great, but when Bridges is ON, he's hard to beat.

  8. Wow this is a tough one, I like both actors but I actually would give Jones the edge. I like CS' answer in that Jones is always better no matter how small the role, plus he's got that quiet strength about him that I like.

  9. You have a knack for making it tough to choose CS ;) Both are obviously superb veteran actors. I guess I have a slight preference for Tommy Lee Jones because I used to watch so many of his movies as a kid like The Fugitive and Men in Black.

  10. Everyone here is mentioning "The Dude." And that's all fine and good and I love Bridges as much as the next guy. But the majority of his films are medioocre at best and he always seem to be just kind of "there" - there's no presence to a lot of his performances.

    TLJ on the other sells every role he's in. Even with garbage like Space Cowboys or Capt. America, he commands the screen every time.

    Look again at the ten films listed for bridges. Half of them are crap and aren't really helped by "The Dude."

  11. Phips5:02 pm

    Andrew James is right...I kinda changed my mind after posting here and choosing Bridges. His list pretty much, for me, only has The Big Lebowski, Crazy Heart, and True Grit on it that were quality films with good performances from him..but being The Dude isnt enough to elevate him above TLJ. After looking at TLJ's list again I've changed my mind.

    Im going with a tie. Each of those 10 film lists have 3 good films on em in my Im calling it a draw.

  12. Both are great but I'm afraid I have to go with Bridges, mainly for The Dude and True Grit

  13. Ooooh No Country for Old Men vs The Big Lebowski...tough call. Have to side with The Dude.

  14. This is a really tough choice since I'm a fan of both actors. Jones has given strong performances in an excellent group of films and rarely does a bad job. Even so, I do have to follow the trend and give a slight edge to Bridges due to his range, especially during the prime of his career.


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