Thursday, January 12, 2012

Which is Better?

Michael Fassbender
10 sample films:

Fish Tank
Jane Eyre
Jonah Hex
A Dangerous Method
Inglourious Basterds
X-Men: First Class


Christian Bale
10 sample films:

The Fighter
The Prestige
Reign of Fire
American Psycho
Rescue Dawn
Velvet Goldmine
Terminator Salvation
Empire of the Sun
Batman Begins

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. If you asked me this question two years ago, I so would've gone with Christian Bale. But because of his harrowing performances in Hunger and Shame, I'm going with Michael Fassbender.

  2. Phips1:35 pm

    For me, Christian Bale hands down. Admittedly, I havent seen many of the Fassbender films on this list but still, Bale's list is far superior. His performance in The Fighter was amazing, in The Prestige he was great, and even though its not on the list The Mechanic was one of his best films ever. Bale for me...even though he seems like a dick in person.

  3. It's not that fair to compare them- Bale has been in the industry and well-known for years, decades, dare I say. Fassbender errupted in the last 2 years. Although right now I like Fassbender and I think he is a fantastic actor, overall, Bale is better and more experienced!

  4. Fassbender. Bale is close, but he hasn't been as consistent. Fassbender does well in almost anything. Hell, I thought he was alright in Jonah Hex, and I thought that movie sucked!!!

  5. That's tough. Fassbender has been on fire lately, but Bale has a more impressive resume. Right now I would go with Bale, but I could see that changing in a couple years.

  6. I think Fassbender could get there, but at the moment it's Bale all the way. Maybe when I see Shame I'll change my mind though.

  7. For now, I will say Christian Bale as Michael Fassbender is more of a recent discovery for me. Both are brilliant actors.

    BTW, has anyone seen that clip of Christian Bale singing the Powerpuff Girls theme song? It's hilarious.

  8. Man, this is a tough one. Fassbender has been killing it lately. Based on the larger body of work, though, I've gotta go with Bale. Ask me in a few years, it might be Fassbender.

  9. At this point, it is no contest. Christian Bale just has a far better slate of films and performances. Ten years from now, it could be a completely different story though.

  10. Wow tough one. Michael Fassbender's star is really rising fast. Nonetheless, I must stick with Christian Bale at this time. He will always have American Psycho and he is IMO the best Batman to date.

  11. I knew it would be an unfair advantage in Bale's favour, in regards to body of work, but I was interested to see how these two compare in most people’s eyes. Bale is a great actor but he is no longer a guy who will make me run out and see a film just because he is in it. However, after seeing his work in Hunger and Fish Tank, Fassbender is one of those guys whose films I will try and seek out regardless of who is behind the camera.

  12. It's so weird, I'm apathetic to both. Neither would make me run out to see a film, though both do fairly good work. It's as if I've missed the bus on both, especially Fassbender who I feel so out of the loop with when everyone starts salivating.

  13. I think it's hard to decide - especially now - when two of Fassbender's supposed "best performances" are films - Shame & A Dangerous Method - still coming out around the country.

    Undecided for now.

  14. I'd put Eden Lake on Fassbender's list. Thought he made that film a lot more emotional than the average horror. But Bale wins for now. Fassbender's future looks very promising though but it will be interesting what Bale does after hanging up the Batsuit.

  15. Or do I prefer Shame to American Psycho? Bale all the way for me, though you might get a different response in ten years' time.

  16. Completely agree with Anna, Hunger and particularly Shame make Fassbender the winner here. And above most actors of his generation.

  17. this is a hard one but I have to go with Christian Bale. Batman, the Prestige, The Fighter. all amazing!

  18. Anonymous11:25 pm

    In all honesty, while Bale has put forth an excellent body of work without argument, I gotta give it to Fassy on this one. He's been exploding all over the world lately for a reason; he's incredibly talented. Not to mention, incredibly flexible. He can do pretty much anything- and make it great. He managed to semi-redeem Jonah Hex, for cryin' out loud! Fassbender FTW!!!


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