Thursday, January 05, 2012

Which is Better?

Robert Downey Jr.
10 sample films:

Iron Man
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Wonder Boys
Hearts and Souls
Sherlock Holmes
Short Cuts
Natural Born Killers
Tropic Thunder


Leonardo DiCaprio
10 sample films:

J. Edgar
Catch Me If You Can
Shutter Island
The Basketball Diaries
Revolutionary Road
Romeo + Juliet
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. Ugh, you're evil for making me choose. Hmm, both have talent, charm, good looks...and I have to choose one of them?

    I will say I like RDJ more for venturing into different genres. Leo seems content with the dramas.

  2. 100% DiCaprio! I don't really get the RDJ hype, I usually enjoy the films he's in, he picks great ones but none solely because of his performance (Wonder Boys, Kiss Kiss).

    DiCaprio could save a film for me!

  3. Another tough one! RDJ has made some cooler choices and is far more cool himself on and off screen but my vote goes to Dicaprio. Basketball diaries, R&J, Departed, Gilbert Grape all brilliant brilliant performances.

  4. I generally find RDJ to be more entertaining, but Leo has more impressive films in his resume. I suppose I would lean toward Leo, but both are great.

  5. DiCaprio for sure. Nothing against RDJ, but I think I will watch a movie for DiCaprio. I will need more than just Downie Jr. in the movie to watch it.

  6. RDJ all the way. No contest.

  7. Hmm... I'd probably go with DiCaprio. RDJ is very entertaining, but Leo seems to have a bit more range in regards to the characters he has played.

  8. LEO - not a doubt in my mind.

  9. Phips1:51 pm

    this isnt even close for me...Leo.
    as much as i love RDJ, Leo is so much better and so
    is his list of movies on here.

  10. This is another really close one. I'm giving the slight edge to Leo. RDJ is a lot of fun in the right role, but Leo can bring the drama and really deliver an emotionally gripping performance.

  11. I love both guys but I'm going with Robert Downey Jr. for one big reason. Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder. Only someone with that amount of talent is willing to play a very controversial role and make it extremely hilarious.

    "I know who I am! I'm the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude. You don't know what dude you are." "I don't read scripts, scripts read me." "What do you mean 'you people'?"

    I would put Leo if gets the chance to do a comedy. He needs to be in one where he can be all out there.

  12. Based on the movies mentioned, I gotta go with RDJ. I think I'm one of the folks who finds Leo's performance in Basketball Diaries grating and wildly overrated.

    That being said, I think he's matured a lot as an actor over the years, and I quite enjoy his work now. If the Departed had been mentioned on his list, I'd probably have to go with a tie.

  13. I think DiCaprio edges out Downey Jr, but he needs mix it up a bit more and not constantly do dramas. He should really explore other genres more. Downey Jr. is at least willing to challenge himself by working in a wide variety of genres, even if it does not always work out.

  14. DiCaprio. However I do have to ask, why have you not included The Departed on DiCaprio's list of films? It is one of his better films.

    Anywho, interesting blog. I've followed you.


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