Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading and Listening Schedule for Today:

9 am: Episode 241 of the Cinecast podcast offers up an extensive look at some of the upcoming films of 2012.

10 am: Over at Lee and Dan’s Midnight Movie Club, the guys end their epic look at the entire Star Trek franchise with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot.

11 am: Jordan has a great piece offering insight into the minds of Shame director Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan.

12 pm: Alan takes in the classic film Harvey.

1 pm: Jandy shares her top ten favourite films of 2011.

2 pm: Steve reviews Martin Scorsese’s Kundun.

3 pm: Ryan examines the record low theatre attendance and ponders if people still care about movies?

4 pm: Alex ranks her top five favourite films of 2011.

5 pm: Kid in the Front Row considers if online streaming is the future of film distribution?

6 pm: Branden takes in The Proposition.


  1. As always, thanks for the link-love.

  2. @SJHoneywell - My pleasure, Steve!


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