Friday, January 06, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions of a movie fan and blogger: it’s about making more time for movies

Last year marked my first year as a blogger and my first year as a movie fan who didn’t see very many movies. Time felt like it was in limited supply and there were too few movies I wanted to see. The blogging was a great and unexpected enterprise, while the lack of theater outings was a huge disappointment. I want to turn things around in 2012 by making all things film-related a priority. I want to see more, read more and continue to write about film. And even during those times when there are slim pickings in theaters, I want to redirect the time I would spend in front of the big screen towards watching beloved favourites or must-see films on my ever-growing must-see list at home while munching on Orville Redenbacher. So that is my pledge – to watch more movies at the theater, and when nothing in theaters moves me, to retreat to my home theater with a sense of excitement about watching films of yore that I’ve been wanting to see.

In 2012, I pledge to share the blogging love even more too. It’s great when my blog posts provoke discussion and elicit great comments and feedback, and I want to share some of that love by expanding my blog reading list this year. Thanks to my “employer,” CS, I’ve come to really enjoy podcasts and I’ve been turned on to some really great blogs, so I am resolved to devote double the time I devoted last year to soaking up many more musings on the blogosphere.

Attempts in 2011 to attend film festivals didn’t quite pan out, so I’m hoping for better luck, better timing and better finances to enable me to make the festival-going experience a reality this year. I pledge to attend at least one film screening at a local film festival this year.

I will see a movie at a drive-in theater because I’ve never been to one. So few drive-ins exist nowadays, but I believe there’s still one in business here in the city and I intend to drive in and catch a flick. I’m really excited about this one because of the old-timiness of it all.

Also in this New Year, I am resolved to see more films that my husband recommends. This was supposed to be a regular blog feature of mine in 2011, but I only wrote one such post last year and I shall not shirk my wifely movie watching duties anymore in 2012; I will watch films that my husband makes me watch.

I’ll stop wondering about Black Dynamite and just watch it already and I’ll reacquaint myself with the P.T. Anderson movie collection.

Finally, I will win my office Oscar pool again (or at least try my damndest to regain the title!)

It's a new year, a fresh calendar and a clean slate. I'm not making resolutions about eating healthier or exercising more because I break those resolutions every year. This year I'm making resolutions that I can stick to; resolutions that will add a little more movie merriment to my life. Hiya, 2012, it should be fun!

Do you have any movie-related resolutions for 2012? Let us know in the comments section.


  1. Watch more 'classics', get to the big screen more, keep blogging at least 2/3 times a week! Oh and write a best-selling novel and retire rich! that would be nice! Good luck with yours!

  2. I attended a film festival for the first time last year. If you do get to go to one, my advice would be to plan for it carefully - and to accept that you probably won't get to see everything you want.

  3. I'd like to watch more films and be even happier than last year :)

  4. This post confused me until I realised it wasn't CS writing it lol. All the best in 2012.

  5. Ah funny, I just wrote about my 2012 resolutions on AM. Mine are seeing more movies of the type I'm somewhat reluctant to see (slow-burn indies, classics, and foreign movies from countries that aren't as popular hotbeds of great flicks...)

    Also, I want to upgrade to an HDTV and blu-ray player. Time to get on with the times :D

  6. Phips3:00 pm

    I really need to hit a drive-in "theater" as well. Ive never been and believe that I am missing out terribly. Plus, as you said, there's such an old, iconic feel about drive-in movies that cannot be overlooked.

  7. Attend more festivals. In 2011, I got to the three big ones in my city. This year I'll try to squeeze in two of the smaller ones. Of course, I'd love to attend to granddaddy of them all in Canada, TIFF.

  8. I don't get to the theater nearly enough. I really have to make a point of doing that more often. With my writing schedule I just never have time.

    I haven't been to the drive-in since I was a kid. I really gotta do that again soon.

  9. Don't go to the drive in to watch the movie. Everything else will overload your sense, just soak in the experience, That's why drive-ins featured a lot of schlock. My resolution is to write more blogs on festivals that I create at home; Five Westerns with Gene Hackman, Bond films with actors who portrayed Bond less than three times, or maybe the best films with Sharon Stone where she doesn't disrobe.

  10. @Pete - Watching more classics is a good one. Writing a novel and striking it rich is even better - if only! Thanks - and good luck with yours too.

    @Rich - thanks for the advice. My resolution is very simple - to see just one film at a festival. Seeing more than one would just be icing on the cake. I will certainly plan ahead. I've heard how difficult it can be to get tickets to your top picks.

    @Mette - great resolutions!

    @Mike Lippert - CS has "employed" other writers for his blog, which is great for me. All the best to you as well.

  11. @Castor – watching more movies that you’re reluctant to see is a great resolution. I should really do that too with foreign films. I’ve got the HDTV now, but no blu-ray player yet. Someday soon hopefully…

    @Phips – I’m really looking forward to crossing the drive-in resolution off my list. I just need summer to get here.

    @edgarchaput - I’ve heard the smaller festivals are often the best ones. I may opt for one of those, although going to TIFF would be great. I think about it every year, but things just haven't come together. Perhaps 2012 is the year.

    @Dave Enkoskv – I know what you mean. Life gets busy and then you realize that you haven’t been to the movies in months. I’m going to try to carve out time every couple of months or so to see a film in theatres. I’m really looking forward to the drive-in.

    @Richard Kirkham – will do. Creating festivals at home is such a cool idea, and you’ve come up with three interesting ideas. I may just do a few of my own!


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