Sunday, November 06, 2011

Footloose Keeps the Dance Going

Recently my wife had a much needed “girls night out” while I stayed home with our little guy. Part of the festivities included the ladies taking in the recent Footloose remake. Seeing as she was a big fan of the original Footloose film, I decided to get my wife’s, who I shall refer to as Dancing D for this piece, reaction to director Craig Brewer’s adaptation of the 1984 film.

CS: How did you and the other ladies find the film?

Dancing D: It was awesome! We all had a really good time. They stayed true to the original in regards to some of the lines and the speech Ren McCormack (Kenny Wormald) makes in the town hall scene, etc. However they updated some sections where it was needed. For example the movie starts with the car crash that kills Ariel’s brother. I also like how they updated other things like the music and the diversity of the people, most notably adding African Americans, who live in the town of Bomont.

CS: In regards to the music, how much was changed?

Dancing D: They kept several of the key songs. For example, the title track “Footlose” and the song to which Willard (Miles Teller) first learns to dance “Let’s Hear it for the Boys”. “Holding out for a Hero” was updated, but not to the point were you could not recognize the song

CS: What are some moments that really stood out for you?

Dancing D: I was excited to see how they updated the tractor scene. I thought it worked really well. Miles Teller who played Willard was fantastic, he really steals the show. It was also nice to see the film actually give the women some power this time around. In the original film the women basically stood around while their men fought. In this version the women got involved and actually fought with one of the guys and ran him off.

CS: What did you think of Julianne Hough’s work in the film?

Dancing D: She was good. I knew she was a dancer, but similar to the Ariel in the original, she did not have much dancing to do. Her acting seemed a little forced at the beginning however, as the film progressed, she settled into her character.

CS: And Dennis Quaid?

Dancing D: He was very good as Ariel’s dad, Reverend Shaw Moore, but he still could not top John Lithgow in the original. I will say that I like how Andie McDowell’s character, Vi Moore, was written in this film more than in the original. She seemed more likeable, a more believable character.

CS: Do you think guys will enjoy the film? Or is it more geared towards a female audience.

Dancing D: I think it will appeal more to females. In our theatre there were only three men watching the film. Two were with their wives, and the third seemed to be on a date.

CS: So you clearly enjoyed the film, if you had to grade it what would rate the film.

Dancing D: I would give it an “A”. This was one of the best remakes I have seen in a while. It stayed true in the areas that it needed to while updating the film to make it accessible for a new, and younger, audience.


  1. This film could be summed up as infectious I think. It's really hard not to get swept up with it, despite the fact I went in expecting to hate it. Fun but forgettable.

  2. Could anyone ever really top John Lithgow?

    Glad you two enjoyed the film - I surprisingly liked it as well.

    Oh, nice logo up at the top. Looks great guys.

  3. @Pturner – I quite enjoyed the original and will most likely take the plunge on this version as well.

    @Duke – I still have yet to see the film, though I will have to see at some point based on how much my wife has been talking up the film to others.

    Also, thanks for the compliments on the new logo. As much as we liked The Simpsons, we needed an original design that fitted the theme of the site better.

  4. Hahaha I went to see it with my girlfriend and there was only one other guy in the theater! Great post though, this was really entertaining to read. I give the film 2.5/4, it was worth watching.

  5. And Pturner pretty much summed it up!

  6. @Matt S - More and more I am encountering guys who quite enjoyed the film. Even if they were the only males in the theatre. LOL

  7. Anonymous1:42 am

    Um... "I Need a Hero?" Big fan of the original, is she? Then she would've known the title of the song is "Holding Out For a Hero." Ha! Good one.

    And by the way? NOTHING can top the first and original. Sorry!

  8. @Anonymous – In her defense, she actually told me the correct title but I wrote it down wrong when transcribing the conversation. Thanks for pointing it out!


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