Thursday, October 27, 2011

Which is Better?

Jim Broadbent
6 sample films:

Moulin Rouge!
The Crying Game
Vera Drake
Hot Fuzz
Time Bandits
Gangs of New York
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Another Year


Tom Wilkinson
6 sample films:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Michael Clayton
Batman Begins
The Full Monty
Black Knight
The Green Hornet
In the Bedroom
Shakespeare in Love

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. dEmon2:35 pm

    Jim Broadbent - just cause. ;p I actually like both actors, but I tend to enjoy Jim Broadbent's movies more. Even if the movie sucks, he never fails to give his performance 100 percent. Loved him in Another Year and he was great in Perrier's Bounty, even though it was a smaller role.

  2. I never confuse these two but I reckon some people might. Both are very talented thespians. Hmmm, from your list I'd go with Wilkinson (I like him in The Debt also which is absent from your list). I just saw Another Year and I actually was a bit disappointed by it. It's so boring and plot-less despite the good performances.

  3. I love both actors but I'm going to go with Jim Broadbent. I have yet to see him do a bad performance. He can pretty much be funny and dramatic. Yet, one of my favorite performances of his is in Moulin Rouge! and I didn't know he played that character. He was fun in that film.

  4. Phips6:55 pm

    For me, Tom Wilkinson by far. I think he is phenomenal and that list of movies on here for him is great.

    Rocknrolla especially deserves some special attention.

  5. I like a couple of Wilkinson's films better than anything Broadbent has been in, but Broadbent has had the better run overall, so I'm going with Broadbent. I'm especially glad to see Topsy-Turvy on there. It's not one I see mentioned much.

  6. Tim Wilkinson, just for RocknRolla! He was great in it!

  7. @dEmon - I still need to see Another Year and Perrier's Bounty.

    @Ruth - Another Year seems to really divide people. Looking forward to seeing The Debt.

    @thevoid - I quite enjoyed his performance in Moulin Rouge as well.

    @Phips - Wilkenson is definitely the more popular of the two from a mainstream standpoint.

    @Chip Lary - I really enjoed Topsy Turvy though I have not had the desire to re-watch in ages despite having it on VHS

    @Aziza - Wilkinson was definitely one of the highlights of RocknRolla

  8. Wilkinson is a true superstar, bit Broadbent has got something so charismatic, that I don't care what role he's in, as long as he's there.

  9. This is a tough match-up, especially since I'd say both actors gave two of the best performances of 2001 in different categories and in the end it's the fact that Tom's SO good in In the Bedroom which tips the scale in his favour.

    Both fine actors, though.

  10. @Bad Ronald – Broadbent is a treat to watch in pretty much everything he is in. Granted I can easily say the same for Wilkinson as well.

  11. @Andrew – In the Bedroom was my favourite film of 2001. Love that film. Wilkinson was fantastic in it.

  12. Broadbent has more dimension is all I'm adding to this. He was practically secondary in Another Year, but his "what the fuck are you doing in my porch" face is one of the most memorable aspects of that movie.


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