Thursday, October 13, 2011

Which is Better?

John Turturro
10 sample films:

Barton Fink
Do the Right Thing
Mr. Deeds
Quiz Show
Box of Moon Light
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Romance & Cigarettes
Miller’s Crossing


Steve Buscemi
10 sample films:

Ghost World
Grown Ups
Reservoir Dogs
The Island
Living in Oblivion
The Big Lebowski
Trees Lounge
Con Air

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. I like Turturro more for Quiz Show and Miller's Crossing.

  2. Heh. I don't have much of a preference for either, but I had to laugh, pitching Big Lebowski supporting actors against each other. Nice set of screenshots, too. :)

  3. @MovieNut – Turturro was great in both those films

    @Jandy – I was tempted to just list all of the films that they were in together, which is quite a few, but opted for the Lebowski screenshots instead. The funny thing is both have had eerily similar careers to this point (i.e. directed a film, worked with Adam Sandler frequently, worked with the Coen brothers regularly, and worked with Michael Bay more than once, etc.)

  4. Has to be Steve Buscemi for ghost World and Reservoir Dogs

  5. Johnny B!2:58 pm

    I am just gonna choose The Big Lebowski. Its a draw.

  6. Wow... I love them both. It's tough for me to say since they've been in great movies and some bad ones.

    Man, I'm trying to think who did less bad movies. Turturro has been in all three Transformers movies while Buscemi did Armageddon and The Island, the latter of which had him as the only good thing in that film. I'm probably going to with Buscemi.

    Plus, both actors actually do some standout moments in those Adam Sandler movies.

  7. Phips4:09 pm

    Wow, this is a very hard choice.
    Both of these 2 are brilliant in the Coen Brothers films.

    Although, considering that Reservoir Dogs is on Buscemi's list..I might go for him over Turturo.

    Tough one.

  8. @mrg - Loved Buscemi's work in both of those films, especially Ghost World.

    @Johnny B - I would have also accepted Barton Fink or Miller's Crossing as your choice. :)

    @thevoid - While I have only liked one of the Sandler flicks they appeared in, Turturro has made me laugh more when paired with Sandler.

    @Phips - I was tempted to leave Reservoir Dogs off the list as I knew it would probably tip the scales in Buscemi's favour. However I love Dogs too much to not have it on the list.

  9. Turturro is more likable to me although Buscemi has a more impressive resume.

  10. @Castor - Yep Buscemi has the resume that immediately jumps out at you. However when you look over Turturro's resume it becomes clear that he has been in several stellar films as well.

  11. Due to his current and impeccable work on Boardwalk Empire, I've got to give a slight edge to Buscemi. But they can both be credited with making some awesome films.

  12. Nobody f**ks with the Jesus.

  13. @JBT - Judging by their careers, I would not be surprised to see Turturro on an HBO series in the near feature.

    @Colin - I constantly think of that line whenever the office bowling challenge pops up. Still makes me laugh to this day.

  14. Once I saw Turturro's pic, I knew the other had to be Buscemi. Either one would destroy whichever other former character actor you could have come up with. They're a perfect match...lots of overlap, have way similar career arcs, etc.

    I gotta go with a slight edge to Buscemi. I love the Coens, but I love QT even more. Even better - Buscemi's Billy Madison role! :) Oh, and he's in Fargo and Turturro ain't!


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