Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Small Bites: Horrible Bosses, Tokyo Gore Police and Limitless

Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses is really a tale of two films, one is extremely funny and the other is misguided. The first half of the film hits all the right comedic notes. Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell are outstanding as they take their characters to the extreme. The writing in this section is witty and fresh and really raises the film above expectations. Unfortunately the film does not sustain its comedic high throughout. The minute the murder scene occurs, the film begins to lose its way. The story never gets as dark as the film’s trailers hint at and, worst of all, Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) go from being smart individuals to bumbling idiots. The choices they make in the second half of the film are simply ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that Aniston’s character pretty much disappears until a few senseless scenes at the end that are only included to tie up some loose plot threads. Fortunately there is enough laughs at the beginning of the film to make the sloppiness of the last two acts bearable.

Tokyo Gore Police

If you are familiar with the Japanese gore genre then you should know what to expect. If have not encountered the genre before, and are not a horror fan, there will be very little in Tokyo Gore Police that you will find entertaining. The plot involves a cop, Ruka (Eihi Shiina) who is trying to track down a mad scientist, Key Man (Itsuji Itao), who is mutating humans into monstrous creatures known as “Engineers”. The plot is really just an excuse for director Yoshihiro Nishimura to find numerous ways to shock his audience. Tokyo Gore Police tries to take perversion to a whole new comedic, and outlandish, level. While Tokyo Gore Police is one of those cult films that critics and bloggers alike seem to enjoy, the most shocking thing about the film is how boring I found it. Besides the hilarious commercial asking to “stop hari-kari” there was nothing that evoked any reaction out of me. Frankly, I enjoyed RoboGeshia, which many consider a lesser film, far more than I did Tokyo Gore Police.

Tokyo Gore Police is part of our "The Must See List" series. The film was recommended by The Critical Critics


There are times when films can overcome its silly premise, but unfortunately this is not one of those times. I was willing to suspend my disbelief at the beginning, but Limitless’ plot got increasingly nonsensical as the film progressed. For example, Eddie (Bradley Cooper) buys a condo that features impenetrable security yet a local drug dealer and his goons break through the three levels of security like it is nothing. It is also hard to believe that of all the people to use the NZT “make you super smart drug”, only Eddie was smart enough to realize that he should mass produce a supply so he does not run out. I also wish the film had utilized both Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish better. Both are not given anything really challenging or interesting to do. Limitless is a film that works best if you turn your brain off while watching. Unfortunately this was something I was unable to do.


  1. The final two acts really did kill me. So ridiculously dumb - and a waste of the talents on screen. Still, Horrible Bosses was mostly good fun.

    Limitless, also an insanely ridiculous picture. Very fun and exciting, even though its grounded in another dimension.

    Nice articles guys.

  2. @Duke - If I had to choose between the two, I would say I enjoyed Horrible Bosses more than Limitless. Both are ridiculous in there own way, but I could tolerate the craziness in Bosses a bit more.

  3. I loved Horrible Bosses. By no means a great comedy but the chemistry between the three leads carries the whole thing easily for me.

    As for Limitless. Decent flick but overly unimaginative IMO, given the premises. The ending was really meh too.

  4. Nice write-ups. Totally agree about Horrible Bosses and Limitless. They were both good up to a point. Limitless has the weaker third act.

  5. @Castor – I will give you that the chemistry amongst the cast is great. I just wish they had the material behind them to sustain their chemistry in the latter sections of the film.

    @Ty – The third act really hurts Limitless, it gets to a point where the leaps in logic are just too outlandish…and not in that fun Fast Five kind of way.

  6. I agree about TGP, it's just so consistently over the top that it ceases to be shocking and gets rather boring.

  7. I really liked Horrible Bosses, too! I've been a fan of Jason Sudeikis for a long time(Saturday Night Live is usually great) and I know Jason Bateman, but Charlie Day was a nice surprise! Funny movie!

  8. @Bonjour Tristess – There is a thin line between shock and schlock but TGP never seems to figure this out. Excess just does not work in the film’s favour.

    @Aziza – I need to seek out more of Sudeikis and Day’s works. I have only seen one or two other films they have been in.


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