Thursday, September 29, 2011

Which is Better?

Aaron Eckhart
10 sample films:

In the Company of Men
Thank You for Smoking
Erin Brockovich
The Dark Knight
Any Given Sunday
The Core
Your Friends & Neighbors
The Black Dahlia
Rabbit Hole
Battle Los Angeles


Sam Rockwell
10 sample films:

Matchstick Men
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Charlie’s Angels
Galaxy Quest
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Cowboys and Aliens

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. I like Rockwell more because he is always the scene stealer. That, and he was excellent in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Moon.

  2. Easy. Rockwell. Rockwell. ROCKWELL.

    Anything else?

  3. Wow this is tough. Rockwell is, well, Rockwell. But Eckhart has that damn charm.

    I thought what Eckhart did in In the Company of Men was tremendously ballsy, but if forced to chose, I go Rockwell.

    Great match-up.

  4. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Easy. Eckhart...simply because his list contains The Dark Knight and that film alone trumps most of Rockwell's on that list combined.

  5. I'm going to go with Rockwell. He's just funnier and more out there.

    And he's been in less bad movies than Eckhart though I love both of them.

    Rockwell's been in stinkers like Gentleman Broncos but the stinkers that Eckhart's been in like Love Happens and the godawful Towelhead were just excruciating.

  6. Johnny B!6:30 pm

    Im on board with Rockwell too. He is amazing and picks great flicks. the whole list of his is awesome.

  7. Gotta go with Rockwell. Eckhart is likable but he seems more of a B-list leading man while Rockwell is certainly one of the best character actors out there.

  8. @MovieNut – I had a feeling those two films, Moon in particular, would sway a lot of people in Rockwell’s camp. I would also put his work in Matchstick Men in there as well.

    @Kevyn – So what you are saying is that you are picking Eckhart 

    @Alex – Eckhart’s work in In the Company of Men is blisteringly good. It really shows that he has to turn out phenomenal performances given the proper roles.

    @Anonymous – Eckhart really does not get enough praise for his work in the Dark Knight. He is constantly overshadowed by Ledger’s work in the film. I thought Eckhart did a great job in the film.

    @thevoid – I would say Welcome to Collingwood and G-Force might come close to matching Eckhart’s stinkers. Granted I have yet to see Towelhead.

    @Johnny B! – Completely agree that Rockwell picks far better films to be in overall.

    @Castor – I do think that Eckhart could develop into and A-list leading man given the proper roles. He has did a good job of carrying films like Thank You for Smoking and In the Company of Men. I will say that Rockwell shows far more range thanks to some of his quirkier roles.

  9. Ooh! this is an intriguing post! what inspired you to choose these two?

    I like them both but I will have to choose Rockwell. Excellent characters he has portrayed and does great as a lead man or supporting actor. Man, tough choice, but......I made it! :)

  10. @ScarletSp1der - Eckhart and Rockwell happen to be the same age and have had similar career paths. They have excelled in supporting roles and had a few opportunities to even play the leads. Plus, I am a fan of them both.

  11. I like Rockwell in the "Iron Man" films ... just haven't seen enough of him.

    Though, I've heard he's great in CONVICTION ..

    Still, gotta go with Eckhart. His performance in THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is one my favorites of the decade.

  12. @CS - Once again you manage to pick two choices where I don't really have a clear cut favorite. That's been the pattern pretty much since I started following your blog, which is why I so rarely comment on these. I am making this comment more to say I don't know how you keep coming up with so many evenly matched choices. They are really well done.

    I suppose I should make a choice. I'll go with Eckhart mostly for Thank You for Smoking and a movie you didn't have on the list - Possession. If you haven't see it, I reviewed it here:

  13. @Duke – I still have to see Conviction...heard mixed things about the film. Agree that Eckhart is great in Thank You for Smoking. Not the best of the decade for me, but still very good.

    @Chip – I usually take go back and forth on which match-ups I will do. If people have a hard time choosing then I know it was the right pairing. :) Having said that, I had a feeling Rockwell would be the popular choice this week.

    Also, I saw Possession years ago but I will definitely read your review.

  14. Oh, contest. Good to see Choke here; movie was something terrible but Rockwell still brought his A game. He was nearly the best thing in the vastly underrated Hitchhiker's Guide.

    I'd add Iron Man 2 (his Tony Stark dobbleganger Justin Hammer was pretty great) and if you haven't seen The Winning Season it's worth it just for Rockwell.

  15. Rockwell is great in Conviction. Can't say the same for the movie though.

  16. @Marc - Choke is another film that I should really stop procrastinating on. It has been on Netflix for a while but I constantly skip over it.

  17. I just happened to watch Rockwell's movie Lawn Dogs this morning. I definitely recommend it, not just for his peformance, but for what the 10 year old Mischa Barton did in the film, too.

  18. @Chip Lary - I have seen snippets here and there of Lawn Dogs but never the whole thing. I will keep an eye out for that one on Netflix.

  19. I think this is one of the best matchups in terms of star level and acting quality that you've had yet. Really tough decision.

    I want to go Eckhart, but the strength of Rockwell's overall filmography is gonna lean it his way. Also because he's in Galaxy Quest.

    You should have included Orphan amongst his 10, though. Or maybe Joshua. The guy's been in some stinkers, and just might have an overall loss in terms of average quality.

  20. @Dylan – I still need to see Joshua, I laughed when I realized that Vera Farmiga is in both films. The woman cannot seem to stay away from the killer kids/little people.

    The original draft had a few Rockwell bombs and more Eckhart hits but, after tinkering with the list a bit, the roles ended up reversing unexpectedly.


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