Thursday, September 22, 2011

Which is Better?

Amy Adams
10 sample films:

The Fighter
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Sunshine Cleaning
Catch Me If You Can
Serving Sara
Charlie Wlison’s War
Julie & Julia


Michelle Williams
10 sample films:

Blue Valentine
Brokeback Mountain
The Station Agent
Shutter Island
Wendy and Lucy
Prozac Nation
I’m Not There
Synecdoche, New York
Meek’s Cutoff

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section


  1. Michelle Williams all the way. I like Adams, but I can't think of one performance that's as good as Williams in Wendy and Lucy.

  2. I would pick Amy Adams. To me, she is more versatile.

  3. I love them both! No way I can possibly choose.

  4. I like Amy Adams but I gotta go with Michelle Williams. Performances in films like Wendy & Lucy, Blue Valentine, and Brokeback Mountain were revelations to me of how talented she is. I also wanted to mention how funny she was in Dick. A young teenage girl falling for Richard Nixon is a hoot.

  5. Really tough one as I love both. I will go with Amy Adams because I've seen more of her movies and I absolutely hated Synecdoche NY.

  6. Even though Michelle Williams was my childhood idol for quite some time, Amy Adams is my favourite actress. So yes, I must choose Amy :)

  7. Michelle! But that might change after the Marilyn biopic ... If she kills it, she'll be on my favourite list forever, but I have high doubts.

  8. Have to ask: how do you decide who to pit people against?

    I'm usually more impressed with the career choices Michelle Williams makes, so I guess I'd go with her. From the outside looking in, it seems like she picks the projects she believes in whereas Adams lately seems to go where she's cast...

    @Castor: ha! I'm pick Williams simply because she's in Synecdoche alone...

  9. Actress: Williams.
    My future wife: Adams.

  10. I'm going with Michelle Williams for her performance in some of the movies she made, like Blue Valentine, and also because, as someone mentioned earlier, she makes great choices when it comes to parts she wants to get!

  11. @Dan - Wendy and Lucy is a stunner for sure.

    @Squasher88 - I will say that Adams has done far more lighter fare than Williams.

    @Rich - Got to pick one!

    @thevoid - I hated Dick. It has been several years since I last saw it, so maybe I should give it a another shot.

    @Castor - I still need to see Synecdoche NY

    @Stevee - Dawson Creek fan eh?

    @5piltreel - I had no idea she was playing Marilyn. I am sure she will give a great performance.

    @Wilde.Dash - I decide based on several different factors. It all depends on the person really. I go by any of the following criteria:

    1) If I, or others, feel they are on the same level acting/directing/star power/etc.
    2) If they are around same age (rarely use it, but on occasion)
    3) If they have and even mix of great works and awful works
    4) If the match ups was suggested by others
    5) If I think the two would each generate an equal number of votes in their own favour.
    6) If I would have problems picking a clear winner.

    @Colin – Cannot argue with that logic.

    @Aziza – Williams does make great choices. I just wish she threw in some lighter/comedic material once and a while.

  12. Am I the only one who finds Amy Adams bland? I mean, maybe it's leftove routrage at the Lois Lane casting.

  13. Tough choice. I'm probably be more inclined to watch an Amy Adams' movie if a random urge hits. BUT I've never gotten excited about her films the way I usually get when I hear what Michelle Williams is doing. Williams is definitely riskier and more interesting to me. So Michelle Williams it is.

  14. @Ripley - I actually like the fact that Adams was cast as Lois Lane. She is an upgrade from last actress to play the character.

    @Ryan T - I agree that Adams makes the type of films you can pick up and watch at a random. Williams on the other hand makes films that you often need to be in the right mood to watch.

  15. No question here, Michelle Williams is probably the finest actress of her generation.

    I have a big girlcrush on Amy Adams, but I like her often in spite of her performances instead of because of them.

  16. I've seen 6 of the films you listed for Adams, and only 3 of the ones for Williams. I LOVED Blue Valentine, but I didn't come out of the movie thinking about Williams in Brokeback Mountain --and to be honest I'm not even sure if I knew that she was in the Shutter Island. Maybe that means that she's a great chameleon, or maybe I just haven't seen enough of her best work, but at the moment I have to go with Adams.

  17. @Jandy - Ten years ago people would have laughed at that statement. Now, judging by how Williams' career has turned out, very few would argue with you.

    @NeverTooEarlyMP - Williams' roles, while powerful, are not always as flashy as some of Adams' roles.

  18. I am kind of in love with Michelle Williams, so.....

  19. Adams.

    I'm sure Williams is probably the better actress (and it might not even be close), but she's always so damn blahhhh. That shouldn't affect my choice, but it does. Mix it up a bit, darling - you don't always have to be homeless or dying or whatever (in fact, she's not, but it just seems that way).

  20. @Kevyn Knox - I am starting to feel that love for her as well.

    @Dylan - I would like to see Williams mix it up a bit more as well. There are only so many times you can praise someone for playing a depressed or troubled character


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