Thursday, August 25, 2011

Which is Better?

Colin Farrell
10 sample films:

The New World
In Bruges
Miami Vice
The Recruit
Horrible Bosses
Minority Report


Mark Wahlberg
10 sample films:

Three Kings
I Heart Huckabees
Boogie Nights
The Big Hit
The Departed
Max Payne
The Happening
The Yards
The Fighter
The Other Guys

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. without taking any films in to consideration, the trouser dropping ensation that is marky mark wins hands down every time.

    i have never liked colin farrell as an actor let alone a star. yes yes he was actually more than acceptable in that bruges movie but i just dont like him.

    anyway convicted thug wahlberg is a massively underrated actor in my opinion. huckabees alone is an enjoyable experience but the way he stood out in the average infernal affairs remake as the only interesting or new aspect of the movie had me sold. he swears so well, he could be an english football hooligan.

  2. Colin Farrell was excellent in In Bruges and Phone Booth.

    Mark Whalberg was great in Three Kings, The Departed and Boogie Nights. But terrible in Max Payne.

  3. Wow, this is tough. I love Whalberg in films like The Departed, We Own the Night and The Yards.

    But I think Farrell is egregiously underrated and fantastic in such films as The New World, In Bruges, Ondine, Minority Report and The Way Back.

    I think Farrell is more consistent than Whalberg, plus, he's the underdog, so I'm going with Farrell.

  4. I like both of them, but I prefer Wahlberg solely for Boogie Nights.

  5. This is Farrell easily. The thing about him is that he really doesn't get those high profile directors to work with like Whalberg who's worked with Scorsese and Jackson. Gifted with the right role I think Farrell could be one of the best (I think he's been especially good in Phonebooth, Ondine and In Bruges).

  6. I like Colin Farrell (The Way Back, Horrible Bosses, In Bruges) but I will take Mark Walhberg, solely for the lion and tuna dialogue in The Other Guys. Sue me!

  7. This is tough because both guys are actually really good.

    I'm going to say Farrell as well due to consistency. That's nothing against Wahlberg who I think is a bit funnier. I loved him in The Other Guys once he acts all sensitive and actually tries ballet.

  8. I'm gonna go with Farrell on this one. Despite liking Wahlberg in more individual performances, he also tends to go very whiney in a lot of his roles. Farrell has shown a lot more versatility I think.

  9. A casual glance by anyone will reveal that Farrell has Alexander on his filmography, a colossal embarrassment for everyone involved no matter the talent.

    But Farrell has a significantly wider range than Wahlberg, especially when you compare Wahlberg's performance in The Other Guys versus Farrell's work in Horrible Bosses. Both comedies, but Wahlberg plays it fairly safe within his normal range whereas Farrell actually creates a fresh character.

    I agree Wahlberg was the only really good thing about I Heart Huckabees but that's damning with faint praise considering how inconsequential the whole movie is with it's performers and philosophy.

    All in all, Farrell takes bigger chances and has more raw talent (especially given his roles in recent years) than Wahlberg. Almost all the Wahlberg movies listed work off of the same basic template for him, Farrell's is way different.

    So Farrell all the way.

  10. I'm going to go with Colin Farrell, at least in part because I'm reasonably sure that Mark Wahlberg's head is shaped like an upside-down milk carton. It's a flat head, people.

    From a less random point of view, I think Wahlberg is more frequently in movies that I see, but his range is pretty limited. Farrell makes a wider variety of films, and when he hits something on the head, it is far more impressive than Wahlberg's stuff.

  11. @Toby – I am pretty sure Farrell could match Wahlberg in the swearing department…possible the trousers dropping department as well.

    @Ty – I still have not seen Max Payne yet. It is currently on Netflix Canada but I have not brought myself to watch it yet. Which is actually saying a lot considering I picked a Uwe Boll film or Max Payne recently.

    @Cinemasights – I am one of the few people who did not like We Own the Night. Thought The Yards was way better.

    @MovieNut – Boogie Nights is a favourite of mine. It was the first film that actually convinced me that Wahlberg actually had acting chops.

    @Andrew – I think Farrell is the better actor but his film choices have been up and down. I disagree that he does not get those high profile directors. He has worked with Oliver Stone, Woody Allen, Peter Weir, and Steven Spielberg. I just think he needs to work on picking better roles.

    @Castor - While I was not as found of The Other Guys as you were, I will admit that Wahlberg had his moments in the film.

    @thevoid – Completely agree that Farrell has been far more consistent. Even in comedies like Intermission, Farrell still rises to the challenge.

    @Tom – I found Wahlberg was too one-note in his earlier films. He has really evolved into a good actor. I am sure working with the likes of Scorsese, PT Anderson, and David O’ Russell will have that effect on an actor.

    @Andrew – Alexander aside, I agree Farrell has had a far more diverse career. He can do smaller films (e.g. At Home at the End of the World, Ondine, In Bruge, etc.) and big budget fair (e.g. Horrible Bosses, S.W.A.T). Wahlberg usually plays some variation of “the tough guy”.

    @sirbriang2 – An upside-down milk carton! Wow that is harsh. LOL.

  12. Mark Wahlberg. He's come a long way since his Funky Bunch days to become a reputable, fine actor. Boogie Nights, The Departed, The Perfect Storm, Three Kings - and his production work, too - make for quite a resume. I've enjoyed Colin Farrell in some films (Minority Report, In Bruges, Phone Booth), but head-to-head, I give the edge to Mark.

  13. Both have been wildly inconsistent. For every In Bruges there is Fright Night, for every Boogie Nights there's The Happening. But one time I looked at Farrell's CV on iMDb, and the movies of his that I've never seen are still better than the Wahlberg movies I'll never bother to see.

  14. @JBT - Wahlberg's production company has done quite well in its short time. Entourage was a huge success for the company.

    @Paolo - Not sure if you have seen either Intermission or At Home at the End of the World, but I would recommend those lesser known Farrell films.

  15. I'll go with Farrell. Marky Mark is great in supporting roles, but since he's Mr. Hunky Underwear Man (or at least used to be before he became a Serious Actor), he gets leading roles, and he's almost uniformly terrible in them. Well, perhaps not so much terrible as really fucking boring and bland. And yet, when he's in an ensemble or in a true supporting role (I Heart Huckabees, Three Kings), he's outstanding.

    Farrell sucks when he puts on an American accent (usually), but I believe has more talent as an actor overall and makes more interesting choices, especially as of late.

    Another good, tough decision, though.

  16. @Dylan – I find Wahlberg really thrives when paired with the right director. Farrell on the other hand can rise above the director if the material is good enough.


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