Thursday, July 28, 2011

Which is Better?

Dwayne Johnson
10 sample films:

The Rundown
Gridiron Gang
Southland Tales
The Mummy Returns
The Other Guys
Be Cool
Race to Witch Mountain
Walking Tall


Vin Diesel
10 sample films:

The Fast and the Furious
Saving Private Ryan
The Pacifier
A Man Apart
The Iron Giant
Find Me Guilty
Knockaround Guys
Boiler Room
Pitch Black

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. so i've been doing this with dukes battle of the directors but nothing prepared me for the battle of the fake arnies. tough call.

    both of them have bags of talent, both carry entire movies, both jumped into jingle all the way territory way too soon.

    the rock wins for me despite vin diesel being in pitch black. the rock has more personality, more muscles, more moves, more eyebrow raising and he was totally awesome playing the gay guy in be cool.

  2. Vin Diesel only wins because he was in Saving Private Ryan.

  3. This one is pretty difficult. My first instincts are to say The Rock, because of the 20 films listed here, The Rundown is easily the most fun and enjoyable movie. But at the same time, Southland Tales is easily the worst, so they kind of cancel each other out.

    Might have to go with Diesel here because of the Fast and Furious franchise. Ironic, though.

  4. Rock by a mile. More talent, better flicks.

    Of course, they've both squandered their potential.

  5. Ooooo, nice post - gives me an opportunity to admit I love The Rock - even in the Mummy Returns I thought he had star quality, and does he even have lines in that!

    Probably my favourite is Get Smart :D

    On the other hand I haven't seen Vin Diesel's directorial stuff, maybe he's a genius and I'm clueless...

  6. That's easy. Excuse me for a moment. The best person is... THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALL OF ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! IT'S Dwayne Johnson. OK, Southland Tales was an awful movie though he and Seann William Scott were the best thing in it. Plus, Dwayne has more personality, charisma, and can bring it. Plus, he's my all-time favorite wrestler!

    It's because he is THE PIE-EATING, JABRONI-BEATING SHIT-KICKING BRAHMA BULL!!! THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP! THE GREAT ONE! LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON YOUR ROODY POO! Hey-hey-hey! Don't do that. It's not sing-a-long time with the Great one. Sorry, I'm marking out at the moment as a longtime pro wrestling fan. Besides, it gives me a whole lot of excuses to go crazy and go...


  7. Hard to say really, I'd probably go with the Rock as well though, because when he's bad at least he's laughably bad whereas Diesel is just bad.
    I've never had the opportunity to check out most of their work though, so I am only vaguely familiar with them.

  8. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Vin Diesel, no contest

  9. I love The Rock. The Rundown is such a great film and he was so good in it opposite Christopher Walken and Sean William Scott.

    I was a big Vin Diesel fan after the original Fast and the Furious and XXX, but after that he seemed to do a series of underwhelming films that even his charisma couldn't save. Even though I question the need for more Fast and the Furious movies - I so enjoy the franchise because I get to appreciate Vin in a character that suits him so perfectly - a badass.

  10. HAHA I fecking hate these things, but I have to get involved.

    I like THE ROCK I think he is pretty good at both being the action man and also taking the mickey of himself (tooth fairy!!)

    But then I remember Pitch Black and the whole Riddick character. Which appeals to the brit in me!

    er.....Dwayne!! there I said it!

  11. I wasn't gonna mention the Tooth Fairy, but yeah... I loved him in that too :D Nice one C.

  12. Dwayne Johnson is waayyy cooler.

  13. I like both guys even though they have had their share of horrendous movies. I will vote Dwayne Johnson because of his hilarious cameo in The Other Guys :)

  14. @Blah Toby - I thought Johnson was the best thing in Be Cool. The movie itself was terrible.

    @MovieNut - A lot of people forget that he was in that film as well. I thought he was good in Boiler Room as well

    @Red - I am a big fan of The Fast and Furious franchise. The films are a guilty pleasure of mine.

    @Dylan - It is strange how both of their careers went off the rails a bit. Especially in regards to Diesel, not doing 2 Fast 2 Furious really hurt his career for a little while.

    @Hels - Was not a fan of Get Smart, though The Mummy Returns is another guilt pleasure of mine.

    @thevoid - I was hoping someone would make a "Jabroni" reference! Well done, sir.

    @Jack - I have to agree that Johnson is far more entertaining if the film is bad than Diesel is. Diesel tends to play things a bit too serious.

    @Anonymous - No love for Gridiron Gang or The Mummy Returns?

    @JBT - While The Fast and the Furious franchise has proven it can survive without Diesel, it is a whole lot better when he is a part of it.

    @Custard - I like the character of Riddick as well, hopefully they will bring him back. Though I did not think Chronicles of Riddick was as good as Pitch Black.

    @Hels - I have not subjected myself to The Tooth Fairy yet but I am surprised to see that you and Custard really enjoyed it. Most hated the film.

    @Squasher88 - I agree that Johnson is the more charismatic of the two but, after watching Fast Five, I am starting to recall all the things I love about Vin Diesel.

    @Castor - His cameo in The Other Guys was the best part of the entire film. I actually want them to make a prequel to The Other Guys that just focuses on Johnson and Jackson's character. They both do over-the-top so well.

  15. Diesel can actually act, so I'll go with him.

  16. @Duke - I think Johnson has developed into a decent actor. He still needs to learn to pick better roles but he can hold his own as a leading man.

  17. Can I pick .. neither?

    Diesel, but just because of Pitch Black.

  18. @5plitreel – Neither is never an option. LOL. There can, and must, only be one winner.


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