Thursday, July 21, 2011

Which is Better?

Benicio Del Toro
10 sample films:

The Usual Suspects
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
21 Grams
Licence to Kill
Sin City
The Wolfman


Javier Bardem
10 sample films:

No Country for Old Men
The Sea Inside
Jamón, jamón
Before Night Falls
Golden Balls (Huevos de Oro)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Goya’s Ghost
Eat, Pray, Love

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. Definitely Del Toro.
    I was never a fan of No Country For Old Men which I suppose is Bardem's most well known film.
    On the whole, I've seen way more of Del Toro's work than Bardem's, so it's a pretty easy choice for me...

  2. I'm gonna have to go with Bardem. His performances are more memorable, but that's just because his characters are usually more "showy". I adored his work in No Country, The Sea Inside, Before Night Falls and Vicky Christina Barcelona. He's one of my absolute favourite actors.

    Benicio does great, subtle work. I think he tends to blend in with the environment of the film. So it's difficult for him to really stand out.

  3. Johnny B!1:31 pm

    Another tough one. They seem so similar in the roles they take. I love Del Toro in 21 Grams, and Bardem in Bitiful (Both directed by the same brillant director).
    If made to chose, I'd go with Del Toro, simply because i've admired him for years, and i LOVE him in Usual Suspects.

  4. Tough one. I like Del Toro, he can be really intimidating when he wants to be. I like Bardem too but I think he has to prove himself more in English-speaking films.

  5. I love both of them. Great actors but I'm going with del Toro. His performance in Che for me is one of the best I had ever seen and I was glad to see it in the big screen.

    In fact (I doubt anyone will believe me), one of my dad's friends actually knew Benicio del Toro and had him at a party one time before he was even famous. Before he was in Licence to Kill I think. I don't recall if I was there because it was all back in the 1980s and my parents had a lot of friends. I have to ask if they still have contact with him so I can do some soliciting to get myself in the business.

  6. Hmm, by my mind I'm going for Benicio. But by my female drive, I'm going for Javier. Hard to choose.

    (BTW, check your inbox on The LAMB Forums.)

  7. I am going for Del Toro too. He can do no wrong EVER. Well obviously he can but I will always forgive him because of The Usual Suspects....

    Bardem is good though. I am such a terrible decision maker!!

  8. Ok:

    Del Toro has been around longer and has proven himself in more films ...

    But Bardem has given one of the best performances of the decade in "No Country" .. Plus he can versatile

    I'll take Bardem.

  9. motown missile7:42 am

    I like them both, but Bardem seems to get better parts (or chooses better parts) and does more with less. Del Toro was fantastic in "The Way Of The Gun", surprised you didn't list that one.

  10. @Jack – Some Bardem works you should take a look at, if you have not already, Before Night Falls, The Sea Inside, and Live Flesh

    @Sqausher88 – Benicio tends to do more moodier roles that are less flashy. I would love to see them both do a buddy comedy one day. I thought they both had great chemistry in Golden Balls.

    @Johnny B! – I loved del Toro in the Usual Suspects as well. I think both actors are on equal footing which makes it hard for me to choose. I think del Toro has had the stronger films overall, but both Golden Balls and Jamon Jamon have been guilty pleasures of mine for years. The films are not great but Bardem is killer in them.

    @Castor – Interesting point, Bardem really has not done that many English language films of note when you think about it.

    @thevoid – del Toro was stellar in Che. I just wish the second half of that film had been as strong as the first half.

    I love to hear those before they were famous type stories. The only thing is that those connections rarely come in handy when you really want them to. LOL

    @MovieNut 14 – The ladies do love Javier Bardem, you should have seen the crowd go wild when he showed up for the screening of the Sea Inside at TIFF a few years back. Having said that, there is a woman at my office who loves, and I mean LOVES, Benicio del Toro.

    @Custard – Did you enjoy The Wolfman? It is one of the few Benicio films I still have not got around to seeing.

    @Duke – I think No Country will be a decision maker for a lot of people. I would argue that Benicio’s work in Che was just as thrilling, though not as many people saw that film.

    @Motown missile – I was not too fond The Way of the Gun. The main reason it did not make the list was because I was trying to show his diversity in roles. Plus I only had 10 “sample” spots to play with so some films had to get cut.

  11. I'll go with Benicio, and for the same principal reason as Jack - I just haven't seen nearly as many Bardem flicks (and it ain't like Del Toro is a lightweight).

  12. @Dylan – Del Toro can definitely a stand his own ground. He has had a few missteps recently but I am confident he will be back in fine form in his upcoming films.


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