Thursday, July 14, 2011

Which is Better?

Nicole Kidman
10 sample films:

Moulin Rouge!
The Others
Eyes Wide Shut
Cold Mountain
Practical Magic
The Hours
Dead Calm
Rabbit Hole


Julianne Moore
10 sample films:

Boogie Nights
Far From Heaven
A Single Man
Nine Months
An Ideal Husband
The Big Lebowski
The Kids Are All Right

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. That's a hard question. My gut immediately went with Nicole Kidman but the more I thought about it, the better Julianne Moore sounded. So, I'm going with Moore but both are amazing.

  2. Johnny B!12:14 pm

    Julianne Moore for sure... Magnolia and Lebowski, for reals.

  3. They are both great...can't decide. I really love Nicole in Rabbit Hole, Moulin Rouge and The Hours...but I also really love Julianne in A Single Man, Boogie Nights and Far From Heaven.

    If I am forced to choose, I guess I would also go with Julianne. Ask me tomorrow and I might say Nicole.

  4. sakul1:39 pm

    Julianne Moore obviously. She's transcendent, absolutely breathtaking. Nicole Kidman can be good, like in Rabbit Hole, but there is often something forced, something stiff about her.

  5. Julianne Moore. No contest.

  6. That is tough considering that I love both actresses. I would have to go to Moore because she's funnier and has been in better comedies. After all, her cameo in The Ladies Man where she dressed up as a clown is hilarious. Plus, the Lebowski factor.

  7. Another tough match-up this week. For me, neither one trumps the other. I can find several films in each actresses' filmography to rave about. A Kidman standout role for me is Moulin Rouge. From Moore, it's Boogie Nights. It was great seeing them together in The Hours.

  8. I'll go with Kidman. I think overall, she has a bit of an edge resume-wise. I do think Moore is a superior actress.

  9. I would go with Julianne Moore.

    This answer is only personal because for some reason I simply can't stand Nicole Kidman in any film. I am afraid she is in the same bag as Keira Knightly for me.



  10. If Kidman didn't have her face done 712 times ... we'd all be saying otherwise.

    But Moore is amazing in everything. She's a talented, beautiful, and effervescent actress.

  11. @Scott – My gut reaction immediately goes to Julianne Moore but the more I think about it, Kidman has done a lot of stuff I really enjoyed. I thought she was the best thing in Eyes Wide Shut and I am probably one of the few people who actually liked Birth

    @Johnny B! – That is a very strong double bill to have on the resume.

    @ Squasher88 – I have not watched Rabbit Hole yet but I have heard nothing but good things about Kidman’s performance.

    @sakul – I find Kidman is stiff when it comes to big studio films (i.e. Bewitched, The Interpreter, etc.) but she really comes to life in smaller films (i.e. Dogville, Birth, Flirting, etc.)

    @MovieNut – Granted that was my initial thought as well, but I still have some love for Kidman.

    @thevoid – Moore has definitely had the more diverse roles. She has pretty much tackled every major genre. I have to admit that I enjoyed The Ladies Man, it is a guilty pleasure for me.

    @JBT – The Hours was like watching an all-star game with female actresses. All the women in that film did a great job.

    @Castor – I find Moore has more diversity in roles, yet Kidman has a few more memorable roles than Moore does.

    @Custard – Understandable, not everyone digs Kidman’s style of acting. Also, I guess I know who you will be picking once Keira Knightly appears in this feature. :)

    @Duke – I have to agree that Moore is great in practically everything she does. Granted she has been in some awful films (e.g. The Forgotten, Freedomland, etc.) but she is usually the best thing in those films.

  12. motown missile12:43 am

    Julianne Moore, no contest. Nicole Kidman is to acting what PeeWee Herman is to architecture.

  13. Motown Missile - Man that is harsh. LOL. Unless you are talking classic Pee Wee Herman and not current version of Pee Wee Herman...either way, that is harsh.

  14. Nicole. I adore both women, both rank as having some of the finest performances of the last decade but it's Nicole for me. Every performance she's given (even in stuff like BEWITCHED or THE STEPFORD WIVES) you get the feeling that she's actually trying to expand her resume and she's created some of the most memorable characters of the last twelve years on cinema.

  15. @Andrew - BEWITCHED and THE STEPFORD WIVES are examples of why I think Kidman should cut down on the amount of "commercial" films she does. She is so much more engaging when she is doing challenging roles that do not dumb down her talents.

  16. I certainly like Moore a hell of a lot more, but I'm not sure about this. Both are greatly talented. I guess I feel like Kidman makes a better lead and Moore a better supporting character. Is that cheating?

  17. Dylan – I think there are just some actors/actresses that have a better “leading presence” than others. You need that main person to get you to the theatres and the supporting player to keep you there.

  18. Moore... I just don't care for Kidman. Boogie Nights was a masterpiece.

  19. Darkgarden - Kidman can be hit or miss for most people. Boogie Nights is a perfect example of how Moore is willing to take greater risks acting wise.


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