Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Life in a Frame #2

The first R-rated film I saw on the big screen (age 15)


  1. Did you watch it when it came out in 1980 ... or a re-play of it.

    Not the biggest fan of "Raging Bull" ... good, but exceedingly overrated.

  2. @Duke - It was re-playing at one of the rep-cinemas we have in town back in the early 90’s. I remember going with my cousin and his best friend, who many years later is now working in the film industry doing sound editing for films such as Spilce, but they were afraid I would get in since I was underage. Fortunately the theatre was practically empty that night, as it was a weekday, so they did not even bother to question me when I bought my ticket.

    I have to admit the film plays really well on the big screen. The black and white is gorgeous. Unlike some of the other Scorsese films, I actually think the film lives up to the hype. I find boxing films today either borrow heavily from Rocky or Raging Bull. Those two films set the standard for boxing flicks that no one else has been able to surpass.

  3. I love movies :)

  4. @Lyssa - They are a great source of entertainment.


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