Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Life in a Frame #1

My second time seeing a movie on the big screen (age 10)


  1. I've never seen "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

    I've only hear acclaim.

  2. @Duke - Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a film that you should really seek out. It was a favourite of mine when I was a kid. It has been several years since I last saw it. The animation is not on the level of what Pixar is doing now mind you, but it still works for its time.

  3. I am shamed to say the first time I saw this I did not like it but, I was under the age of ten so I suppose a re-watch is needed!

  4. @Matt S – No shame at all if you did not like the film. Some find the film too cartoonish but I thought it works well. Bob Hoskin gave a great performance, far better than any of the green screen acting found in the Star Wars prequels and the Transformers series.


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