Friday, June 24, 2011

Which is Better?

Rachel Weisz
10 sample films:

The Mummy
The Constant Gardener
The Shape of Things
Beautiful Creatures
Runaway Jury
The Fountain
About A Boy
Definitely, Maybe
The Lovely Bones


Jennifer Connelly
10 sample films:

House of Sand and Fog
Waking the Dead
Requiem for a Dream
A Beautiful Mind
Dark City
Blood Diamond
Little Children
The Rocketeer

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. Anonymous10:25 am

    Rachel Weisz is a much, much better actress.

  2. I'd have to go with Rachel Weisz as well. I loved her in The Fountain, The Constant Gardener and The Mummy. To me, the Connelly performance that really stands out for me, is Requiem for a Dream. I am a fan of both actresses though.

  3. A no contest. Weisz. I find Connelly to be an exasperating actor and I still dislike her on principal for winning her Oscar when she was the weakest of the five nominees in 01. I find Weisz to be a much more eclectic actor (although, her name rarely comes up in discussions of "Good" actors).

  4. Anonymous11:34 am

    (although, her name rarely comes up in discussions of "Good" actors).

    Rachel Weisz is consiterd by many to be one of the best actors working today.

  5. 100% Rachel Weisz. Connelly has never been anything special.

  6. Im Gonna go with Jennifer Connelly.

  7. Johnny B!1:09 pm

    Two words... The Rocketeer

    Nuff said!

  8. Weisz has been in better films and is more versatile. Plus, she can be really funny. Connelly is pretty good though I think she made one of the best cinematic debuts of all time with Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America.

  9. I,too, would give the edge to Weisz. She stole the show in The Mummy and really made the first two films in the franchise fun to watch. I also liked her in Constantine - not a fantastic film, but she was great in it. And her performance in the Constant Gardener for which she won the Oscar was really powerful.

    However, I became familiar with Jennifer Connelly early one when she appeared in Labryinth - a movie I adored when I was younger and still love to watch today.

  10. While I agree that Weisz is the better actress of the two, Connelly has been in a few films I really love (i.e. Dark City, Requiem for a Dream, The Rocketeer, Little Children, and the guilty pleasure flick The Hot Spot)

  11. Weisz is a much better actress indeed but I think resume wise, Connelly has a better one because Weisz has been in some many absolutely terrible flicks.

  12. But, the thing about Weisz is that even in her terrible flicks she gives you something to hold on to. But, Connelly is often not the reason her good films land. Never think of her as significant to LITTLE CHILDREN, and she almost spoiled A BEAUTIFUL MIND for me.

  13. I cannot think of Little Children without Connelly. Granted Winslet, Wilson and Earl are the centrepieces of the film, but Connelly’s supporting role was vital to the film. She is the catalyst needed to make Winslet and Wilson’s relationship work. Without her, Wilson comes off as simply a loser instead of an emasculated man trying to relive teenage glory.

    As for a Beautiful Mind, I thought she did a good job in the film. My only problem with the film is that it does not hold up as well on multiple viewings. This is an issue I have with several of Ron Howard’s films.

  14. Tough call. They're both great. Jennifer Connelly reminds me of my childhood in Labyrinth so I guess she wins.

  15. I actually really love both, I think Connelly is getting too much hassle on here. She's pretty great actually. But still, based on her body (of work) I'd have to go with the newlywed Weisz.

  16. I must have missed the memo that Weisz is some phenomenal actress. Don't get me wrong - I like her, but I'm thinking that people are enamored with her accent or something. She's good, but I agree with some of the latter commenters that think this a tough call. Filmographies are pretty equal as well; I refuse to give Weisz much credit for anything as lame as The Mummy films.

    Tie. And if I must choose, I'll go the nostalgia route and take Connelly as well, for this if nothing else.

  17. @msmariah - A lot of Labyrinth love for Connelly, which is nice to see after all these years.

    @Anna - Still shocked by the Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz marriage. Talk about coming out of left field.

    @Dylan - That photo is indeed a good tie breaker. Again, I would say that The Hot Spot is a suitable tie breaker as well for the same reasons as the mirror photo.

    I will admit that I really enjoyed The Mummy Returns. It is the only film in the series that I actually like oddly enough.


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