Thursday, June 09, 2011

Which is Better?

Patricia Clarkson
10 sample films:

The Station Agent
Shutter Island
Cario Time
Far From Heaven
Easy A
Pieces of April
Lars and the Real Girl
Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Catherine Keener
10 sample films:

Being John Malkovich
The 40 Year-old Virgin
Living in Oblivion
Where the Wild Things Are
Walking and Talking
Your Friends & Neighbors
Hamlet 2
Friends with Money
The Real Blonde

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. Id say Keener is better.
    She's certainly more recognisable than Clarkson and has been in several of my favourite films, which Clarkson hasn't...

  2. Both likeable actresses but I'd have to go Keener as well, maybe because I fancy her a little.

  3. Another tough one! I would probably have Clarkson slightly ahead because she was so funny in Easy A!

  4. My undying and rather obsessive love of Clarkson has been well documented, so I'm rather biased here. Keener is great too, but from The Untouchables onwards, Clarkson hasn't hit a false note in my mind.

  5. Patricia Clarkson! Along with the list you provided, she was lovely in "The Untouchables"

  6. That's tough. I like both of them. They're funny, sexy, and can play the mom roles extremely well.

    I'm going to probably say Keener because she's got an edge to her performance though it's nothing against Clarkson.

    They're both pretty hot.

  7. Kenner for me - tough call - and certainly a good matchup.

  8. Patricia Clarkson: NO CONTEST. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Catherine Keener as much as the next person, but Patricia Clarkson never fails to surprise me no matter what she does. Plus she happens to be in 2 of my favourite films of all time: The Station Agent and Lars and the Real Girl.

  9. It's a tie - Keener was in both "Into the Wild" and "Where the Wild Things Are," but Clarkson was in both "Lars and the Real Girl" and "All the Real Girls"

  10. @Jack – I would say that Clarkson is actually the more recognizable one of the two. Shutter Island, Easy A, and the Timberlake SNL skit “mother lovers” gave her a lot of exposure recently.

    @Chris – I fancy Keener as well, which made the decision extremely hard to make.

    @Castor – I actually spent longer this week trying to decide who I would pick than any of the other "which is better" weeks combined.

    Easy A is on my “to see” list. I have been procrastinating on that film for a while now.

    @Bob – I had no idea that you were such a die-hard Clarkson fan.

    @Rachel – True, she was the standout female in that film acting wise.

    @Squasher88 - What is your favourite Clarkson flick?

    @thevoid99 – They stack up well in every category from acting to attractiveness. There is really no wrong answer when choosing between those two.

    @Duke – This is one of those match-ups where your decision can be swayed either way depending on your mood at the time.

    @dEmon – The Station Agent was great. Never actually finished Lars and the Real Girl, fell asleep both times but that was due to the time of day I was watching the film. I plan to give it a third attempt in a few weeks.

    As much as I love Clarkson’s work, I had to go Keener mainly because I have had a crush on her for years now. She was the highlight, for me, of both the Capote and Genova Q&A at TIFF. Granted I spent half the Q&A drooling...

    @Andrew – The one thing I find fascinating about both actresses is that they can really excel in both large and small roles. Keener’s role in Where the Wild Things Are was small but extremely effective. The same for can be said for Clarkson in All the Real Girls.

  11. Tough call. I have seen more films by Keener, but I enjoy the performances of both actresses. I think I'll go with Keener because of Being John Malkovich. Superb.

  12. @Andy – Keener was fantastic in Being John Malkovich. Frankly, there are very few films that she has been bad in. Death to Smoochy comes to mind but, really, everyone in that film was brutal.

  13. hmmm....that's a tough question. I picked her over Keener because I prefer those films she's in.

    My fav film that Clarkson is in - Vicky Christina Barcelona

    My fav Clarkson performance -
    Shutter Island

    I really don't remember her in Jumanji, even though it was one my favourite flicks as a child.

  14. @Squahers88 - Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Shutter Island are good picks. I have always been partial to her work in The Station Agent.

  15. Boy, you sure know how to pick 'em.

    I'll say Clarkson, if only because she has better range. I've been a Keener fan since the mid-90s and would say that I "like" her better (and have probably seen a lot more of her work), but I don't think she's quite in the same ballpark of being an actress as Patty, even as good as she is.

  16. @Dylan – I have to agree Clarkson has had a wider range of roles. Keener did get stuck in a fair bit of those “moody woman” roles in the 90’s.

  17. Clarkson. Its all about The Station Agent.

  18. @Darkgarden - The Station Agent is indeed a wonderful film.


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