Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whatever Happened To...?

Sharon Stone

Easily one of the most iconic actresses of the 90’s, Sharon Stone, has been absent from the big screen since 2006. Sure she has been working steadily since then, but most of the films have played the festival circuit and then went straight to DVD. If you really think about it, she has not had a memorable leading role since the 90’s. Most of her best work, post 90’s, has been in minor supporting roles. I know Stone has had her share of forgettable films, but she is too talented of an actress to be stuck in straight-to-DVD purgatory along with several other memorable 90’s actors and actresses. At only 53 years-old Stone still has plenty to offer as an actress if given the right role. In films like Casino, Broken Flowers, and the Quick and the Dead she demonstrated that she was more than just the sex symbol from Basic Instincts. I know Hollywood is notorious for ignoring an actress the minute they reach age 40, but Stone deserves another shot. I would love to see her reboot her career in a Wes Anderson film or even a reunite with director Jim Jarmusch.

Career Highlights: Basic Instinct (1992); Total Recall (1990); The Quick and the Dead (1995); Casino (1995); Bobby(2006); Stardust Memories (1980); Broken Flowers (2005); Action Jackson (1988); Above the Law (1988); Diary of a Hitman (1991); Antz (1998); He Said, She Said (1991); The Last Action Hero (1993); The Mighty (1998); Alpha Dog (2006).

Low Points: Catwoman (2004); Basic Instinct 2 (2006); Sliver (1993); King Solomon’s Mine (1985); Intersection (1994); Sphere (1998); Police Academy 4: Citizen Patrol (1987); Cold Creek Manor (2003); Last Dance (1996); Year of the Gun (1991); The Specialist (1994); Diablolique (1996); Gloria (1999); The Muse (1999).

Last Seen On The Big Screen: Bobby (2006).

Where You Will See Her Next?: Waco with Adrien Brody, Kurt Russell and Giovanni Ribisi.


  1. I was wondering the same thing. I think after Basic Instinct 2, everybody just felt like she was an aging sex-symbol who couldn't do much anymore, but I thinks he can do some more good films if she finds the right material.

  2. She's too old and she was more of a sex symbol than an actress recognized for her acting abilities. Time does fly by.

  3. I always thought she was an OK actress that has her moments. Basic Instinct 2 was awful, definitely one of the worst films I had ever seen.

    It's not that she's old but she comes across at times trying to hard.

  4. It would be great to see her in a movie again. I watched Casino again recently and I was reminded of how incredible she was in it.

  5. I dunno, maybe she could try comedy? Not too many of those on her resume.

  6. @Dan O – Basic Instinct 2 seemed to be the nail in the coffin for her. Again, with the right role and the right director, Stone could still make a solid comeback.

    @Castor – She may be too old to play the sex kitten but she could easily play more age appropriate roles. You are right though, I guess she was viewed more as a sex symbol than as an actual actress

    @thevoid - Basic Instinct 2 was indeed awful. I blame the failure of that film more on the script and David Morrissey in the lead role. Morrissey was woefully miscast in the film. He did not have the charisma or appeal that Michael Douglas had in the original.

    @JBT – While I did not like Casino on the whole, I must admit that Stone was the main highlight for me. She made the film far more watchable than it should be.

    @Rich - Come to think of it, I would not mind seeing Stone do a little comedy. It would be a nice change of pace for her.

  7. Not sure. I love her in "Casino" though.

    Good post CS.

  8. You know, the last thing I really remember hearing about her was that whole "husband attacked by a komodo dragon" fiasco. Then again, if something that absurd happened to anyone else on the planet earth, that might be the last thing I remember hearing about them too...

  9. @Duke - Ya she really hit it out of the park with Casino.

    @Wilde.Dash - I completely forgot about the Komodo dragon incident. If I remember correctly it happened just before either Catwoman or Basic Instinct 2 to came out…either way it was a bad combination publicity wise.

  10. Yeah, did everyone forget that she earned a reputation for being a nutter over the last decade or so? I'm not saying that's the only culprit, but it along with her office cache (not what you thought I was gonna say there?) would be the two principal reasons, I'd think.

    I always dug her, though, and still do. Can't believe she's only 53 - I could swear that was her age a decade ago...

  11. @Dylan – So not what I expected you to say ! LOL. I think Hollywood is more lenient to male actors that go nuts every now and then. Not too many actresses get a second chance when they lose it.

  12. Haha...I gotta ask - what did you expect me to say?

  13. @Dylan – I just say it rhymed with mitts.


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