Monday, June 06, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

The Vow

If the comedy 50 First Dates actually tried to be serious, I envision that the film would be something like this film. Although The Vow is not a Nicolas Spark adaptation, the trailer is really trying to appeal to Spark’s legion of fans.

Salvation Boulevard

Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan reunite for the first time since 2005’s The Matador, for yet another comedy. This time they combined their talents for a satire about religion and faith.


  1. The trailer for Salvation Boulevard looks interesting but also pretty out there in terms of satire. Might be interesting.

    As for The Vow, I already stated this at Anomalous Material but I won't watch anything with mumble-mouth.

  2. The Vow looks like a pretty standard romantic drama. Poor Rachel McAdams deserves a better co-star than Channing Tatum...

  3. Both look pretty lackluster.

  4. @thevoid99 – I can understand Tatum's appeal with female audiences, but I cannot say that I have seen him in anything that has truly wowed me.

    @Castor – McAdams seems to be doing a lot of romance flicks of late. Hopefully she has some more “heavier” material coming down the pipeline.

    @Duke – I think Salvation Boulevard might work given the cast. Brosnan has the charisma to pull off such a slimy role.

  5. Does a Terrence Malick movie count? :)

  6. @Castor – I completely forgot that she is starring in the next Malick film. That definitely counts.


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