Friday, May 20, 2011

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading and Listening Schedule for Today:

10 am: Episode 44 of Frankly, My Dear podcast looks at the film Bridesmaid and list the Top 5 Girl Movies Boys Should Like.

11 am: TheVoid99 is holding his own Cannes festival by watching some films that previously played the festival. Here are his thoughts on Morvern Callar.

12 pm: Episode 33 of The Matineecast talks Thor.

1 pm: Ricky reviews Unstoppable.

2 pm: Jess is hosting a Guys of the 90’s tournament.

3 pm: Larry puts the film Urban Cowboy on trial.

4 pm: Multiplex Slut has a review of Attack the Block a film that I am interested in seeing.

5 pm: Kai and Dylan have joined forces, and thus shifting the Earth’s axis, to create a brand new movie blog. Be sure to stop by Man, I Love Films and explore all the site has to offer.

6 pm: Sasha shares her thoughts on Being Elmo.


  1. A: What movie is your image from today?

    B: Will you get a short respite from the little one to come to the pub on Tuesday?

    C: Thanks for the linkage. I've said this a few places, but I really felt rusty on that episode. Glad you dug it!

  2. @Hatter - A: The picture is from the film Morvern Callar, Samantha Morton plays a supermarket cashier in the film.

    B: Will not be able to make it to the pub this month. Still getting use to the little guy, plus the lack of proper sleep is murder right now. I will probably be back in July or August (all depends on my softball schedule).

    C: Your extensive Hot Docs coverage would take a lot out of anyone. Yet you bounce back nicely. I still need to see Thor but I like that it has been getting such positive reviews. Nice to see Kenneth Branagh back in form.

  3. Why, thank you for the link! It's an interesting movie - worth seeing but do try to avoid any hype (I believe it got a lot of Sundance buzz, or maybe SXSW, I can't remember).

    Can you believe I still haven't seen Morvern Callar? A timely reminder to get it on the LoveFilm list (other online DVD rental/streaming sites are available).

  4. Oh, thanks for the love CS.

  5. Some primo shit on here! ;)

    I actually saw Morvern Callar in the theater, though I don't remember all that much of it. I seem to recall: slow, dead (spoiler), unplanned vacation, hotel rooms. That's about it. I think I liked it.

    I have a terrible memory for certain movies. It's weird.

  6. @Multiplex Slut – I have avoided reading too many reviews of Attack the Block, but the film’s premise has me interested.
    It has been a long time since I watched Morvern Callar but I do recall liking it quite a bit. I say it is worth a look it you get the chance.

    @thevoid – My pleasure.

    @Dylan – I saw Morvern Callar on video but, like you, I cannot remember all the details of what happened in the film. I recall the premise but I often blur the details of the film with another Samantha Morton film I saw around that same time. I do remember really enjoying Morvern Callar, but its slow pacing has kept me from revisiting it.


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