Thursday, April 14, 2011

Which is Better?

Samuel L. Jackson
10 sample films:

Eve’s Bayou
Snakes on a Plane
A Time to Kill
Deep Blue Sea
Pulp Fiction
The Man
Jungle Fever


Nicolas Cage
10 sample films:

Ghost Rider
Leaving Las Vegas
Wild at Heart
The Rock
The Wicker Man
Red Rock West
The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. I prefer Nic Cage - because at least he plays different characters in some of his films, plus say what you like about Cage, but his worst films are generally better than Jackson's bad films

  2. Easily Nic Cage.
    I do like Jackson a lot, but Cage is one of my favourites...

  3. Cage all the way as he is one of my favourites and he manages to be the best thing even in his bad films. However Jackson gains big points of Eve's Bayou alone. More people need to see that one.

  4. This is a tough one for sure.

    I'm going to go with CAGE, for 1 reason previously unmentioned: MATCHSTICK MEN.

  5. I'm going to go against the grain and say Samuel L. Jackson. As much as I love Nic Cage, and definitely loved him in Matchstick Men and Face/Off, Samuel L. Jackson is a beast. Sure, he plays similar characters in all his movies, but why fix what's not broken? He's badass in everything he does. Besides, he does switch it up now and then. Jackie Brown showed his psycho talent, and he played a computer geek in Jurassic Park. I rest my case.

  6. Define better. Better filmography? Better actor? Better hair?

    I guess it doesn't matter. There's not a chance in hell I'm picking Cage.

    What would be more difficult is picking the winner based on their 10 best films or so. They've each had so man stinkers it's not funny.

  7. Wow... I'm going to go with Samuel L. Jackson. Even in a bad movie (with the exception of The Spirit), he can be good.

    Nicolas Cage has his moments in bad movies but sometimes, he can be really bad like that movie, Captain Correlli's Mandolin. Oh, that was terrible.

  8. @Dan – I have to disagree with you about Cage’s bad films being better than Jackson’s bad films. Jackson’s worst films are usually forgettable at best. Yet Cage’s worst film seem to leave a stench that lingers far longer than they should (e.g. Ghost Rider, The Wicker Man, Snake Eyes, Bangkok Dangerous, etc.)

    @Jack – I figured Cage would take this one for most people. He has the bigger following in general.

    @Mike – Absolutely loved Eve’s Bayou. I agree that it, and Fresh for that matter, is criminally ignored by most people. I am also shocked that Kasi Lemmons has not directed more films. She has only made four films to date.

    @Rachel – Matchstick Men is great film. That one definitely surprised me as I had low expectations going into it.

    @M. Hufstader – I think Pulp Fiction was both a gift and a curse for Jackson. He was such a badass in that film that he has been somewhat type-cast ever since. People have forgotten how diverse of an actor he can really be.

    @Fletch –I purposely left out my definition of better to see how people interpreted the question for these two actors. Both actors have been in some really good films and some horrendously bad ones. They both have a tendency to give over-the-top performances at the drop of a hat. Personally I like Jackson more mainly because Cage has screwed me, and my wallet, over far too many times.

    @thevoid – Captain Correlli Mandolin was bad, though I think it had more to do with the script and Penelope Cruz than Cage. The film was made in a time when Hollywood was trying extremely hard to sell Cruz as a leading lady. Cruz has always been great in her Spanish language films but she needed more time, and better material, to really show of her acting chops. She was very wooden in Captain Correlli as a result.

  9. Cage's wigs tend to distract me but I'd still pick him over jackson, just.

  10. @Ricky - Sometimes it feels like Cage's wigs are one of the supporting characters in the film. I just cannot take my eyes off of them.

  11. This is a tough one. Both men are capable of doing great work, but seem to take paycheck roles at the drop of a hat. Cage is better at his best, but I also think Jackosn manages to at least be credible in his weaker films, which I CAN'T say of Cage.

  12. @Tom – It is sad to say, but I agree that both are turning into paycheck actors. Sometime you wonder if they even read the scripts before signing on.


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