Thursday, April 07, 2011

Which is Better?

Cate Blanchett
10 sample films:

Oscar and Lucinda
The Gift
I’m Not There
The Aviator
Notes on a Scandal
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Good German
The Talented Mr. Ripley


Kate Winslet
10 sample films:

Heavenly Creatures
Finding Neverland
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Revolutionary Road
The Reader
Little Children
The Life of David Gale

Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section


  1. OK,

    Out of the 2 k(c)ates I am going to have to go with Blanchett.

    1 she has more schwing factor, and 2 she is way cool and a more diverse actress.

    Winslett is good in lots of film, but, for me having Titanic on your CV is not a good thing. Detest that film with a passion.

    Not the most high brow of answers, but the sort of answer you must expect of the one like the Custard (simple fool)


  2. I'm going to have to go with Cate Blanchett as well.
    It's a pretty hard choice though.

  3. What a tough choice. I think singular performances would put Blanchett ahead for me but I've seen Winslet provide more range, particularly the fact she's happy to make fun of herself. For diversity I'm going to do with Kate Winslet.

  4. All I have to say is... shit. That is tough because I love both of them. If it came down to their best characters. Well, it would Cate as Jude Quinn of I'm Not There vs. Clementine of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I would go Jude Quinn. Cate's been in better films but Winslet seems more accessible.

    I can't decide.

  5. Both are equally good actresses, but I like Cate a tad better, because... actually I don't know why. She's just so incredibly sympathetic.

  6. Kate the Great wins IMO. Obviously got the box office aspect covered and she also has more Oscar nominations ;P

  7. dEmon8:35 pm

    Kate Winslet hands down. I've seen almost all her films - good and bad. And if the movie was bad, it was never the fault of her character. I think her appeal lies in the fact that she chooses such diverse roles. I like Cate Blanchett - she's a great actress -but I've rarely seen her playing anything other than an austere character. Admittedly, I haven't seen everything she's done, but that's largely due to the fact I find some of the movies she does unappealing. Plus, she still owes me 2 hours of my life back for the sequel to Elizabeth.

  8. @Custard – I may lose my “manly man” card for saying this but I actually enjoyed Titanic. Sure the love triangle was cheesy but the last half of that film was well done.

    @Jack – This is where we disagree. I would pick Winslet without having to give it a second thought.

    @Dan – While both have had good careers to this point, I agree that Winslet has shown more range than Blanchett. This is partly due to the fact that Winslet takes more risks in her film choices.

    @thevoid – Despite my love for Todd Hanyes I just could not get into I’m Not There. Blanchett was good but the film as a whole just did not connect with me.

    @Lime(ette) - Blanchett can definitely resonate emotionally when she wants to.

    @Castor – Although I did not like The Reader that much, I cannot deny that Winslet was great in it. Frankly I thought she should have won the Oscar a few years earlier. It is amazing to think Hilary Swank has two Oscars while Winslet only has one.

    @dEmon – Completely agree that Kate Winslet always rises above the material. I cannot think of a bad film that she was in where she was the reason why that it was bad either.

    As for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, twice I tried to sit through the film entire and could not do it. Twice! I ended up piecing the film together in sporadic was that film awful

  9. An incredibly tough choice, but Cate wins. The thing, I think Cate is terribly underrated as an actor in some ways. She's a BRILLIANT comedienne (so great in Bandits) and if you think hard her work in The Aviator soars its highest when she hits those comic beats.

    Both are phenomenal, though. Cate would have three Oscars in my pretend world and Kate would have two. (I want to see them play opposite each other.)

  10. @Andrew – Blanchett’s work in Bandits often goes unnoticed when people reflect on her career to date. Personally I thought she was the best thing in the entire film.

  11. I gotta go with Winslet - you didn't even list her greatest film, Sense and Sensibility. Though Blanchett is gaining in my esteem, I still like Winslet more.

  12. @Jess - Since both actresses have an extensive canon of work, I decided to cap the "sample film" list at ten. I thought about adding Sense and Sensibility but I wanted to highlight one of Winslet’s lesser known films (i.e. Jude). Came close to adding Holy Smoke, and a few others, to the list as well.

  13. Excellent comparison choices! Tough call though, both stunning women who have played such diverse roles throughout their successful careers. Hate to pick faves but Kate Winslet.

  14. @InMovies - Kurt from the Row Three site offered up an even better comparison that I had not thought of: Tilda Swinton versus Cate Blanchett. Who knows, maybe that will be one for later post down the road.

  15. Seems like no one can agree who is more versatile, which is a good thing - both are indeed pretty versatile. However, I gotta go Blanchett as well - I think she's a bit more daring with her choices. She's like a better looking version of and a slightly better actress than Tilda Swinton.

  16. Judging by your choice of photos, I'm guessing you mean "in bed?" (note: I will be reusing this joke in an upcoming Monday Corner - you have been forewarned). As that - easy: Blanchett. No doubt about it. You don't play the eternal virgin queen twice without getting a hunger for that area. Besides, only one of these two has played an immortal, CB wins bar none.

  17. I love them both, but I suppose Blanchett is better. She's more different than Kate, and her parts are better. I'm Not There is knockout. The Aviator role is mindblowing. Oh, actually I can say this about any film I've seen with her. Strange as it might seem, what makes me vote against Winslet is her smile. It doesn't change almost in any movie. But she is still great.

  18. Really tough choice here. Blanchett has proven to have quite the range, but Winslet brings it on a consistent basis in some pretty big name films. I think I might give the tie-breaker to Blanchett just because I hold a special place in my heart for her since she was in Lord of the Rings. :)

  19. @Fletch - The more I look at their careers, the more I am starting to think that Blanchett and Swinton are the same person! Conspiracy theory alert! LOL

    @Univarn - I figured that since I already had a photo of Blanchett laying in bed, I should have an equal photo for Winslet. I did not want people thinking I was swaying the vote in anyway. Especially since the original picture I was going to use for Winslet had her looking very frumpy.

    @Lesya – Funny, the way Winslet’s smile irks you is similar to how Reese Witherspoon’s smile irks me. I guess we all have our nitpicky moments in regards to movie stars.

    @Red- Lord of the Rings is a powerhouse series to go up against. Looks like I need to start petitioning for Winslet to score a role in the Hobbit. :)

  20. It doesn't really irk me, but it seems way too uniform in every movie. But I want to emphasize on that she is one of my favorite actresses (just don't want to be misunderstood). As for Witherspoon... there's something -- or better say, everything -- about her that annoys me.

  21. Wow, tough call man. I LOVE both actresses, and both have been featured on my Chat-worthy series, but if I can only pick only one, I'd have to go with Blanchett. I saw her in a tiny Aussie indie Little Fish and she was as phenomenal in that as she was in bigger films. Her range is just astonishing, plus I LOVE the way she speaks. Her LOTR narration remains one of my favorites!

  22. @Ruth - I have not seen Little Fish but I will make sure I check it out.


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