Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading, and Listening, Schedule for Today:

10 am: The Mamo podcast hits its 200th episode! To celebrate the guys are inviting everyone to take part in their summer box office contest.

11 am: Simoncolumb thinks that Easy Rider holds up exceptionally well.

12 pm: Episode 47 of the French Toast Sunday podcast talks about the top heist movies.

1 pm: After enduring Water for Elephants, Jose continues the circus theme by reviewing Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus.

2 pm: Custard decide to give his girls an education in 80’s family cinema (i.e. Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story) .

3 pm: Ruth unveils the second part of her 15 period drama heroes list.

4 pm: Jack names the Top 5 Vincent Cassel films.

5 pm: Fletch has a hilarious review of The Lincoln Lawyer.

6 pm: Mette reviews Ek Hasina Thi.


  1. Thanks again for the linkage CS!

    btw, that last link doesn't seem to work...

  2. Thanks so much for putting the FTS podcast out there again! I am definitely feeling the blogging love.


  3. @Jack - Thanks for the heads up on the last link. Not sure what the problem with the link was but I have set it to go the main site as a fix.

    @French Toast - No problem, I enjoyed the episode.

  4. Oh, thanks - even though there are probably none of your followers who have seen the film :)

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, CS, much appreciated! I gotta check out these fine posts when weekend comes around, been so swamped w/ work lately.

  6. Hey CS!! Thanks for the Linkage! Always makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that someone has read my posts.

    Thanks So Much


  7. @Lime(ette) - It is always good to expose people to films/genres they might not have seen or heard of otherwise.

    @Ruth - We all have weeks, and/or months, where real life takes priority over blogging. The links will be up for a while, so you can view them whenever you have a free moment.

    @Custard - Just doing my part to spread the word about blogs I read. I may not always have time to comment (which I should be doing more) but I am definitely reading.

  8. Thanks for the link! This A-Z running feature, I believe is worthy of awards...

  9. @Simoncolumb - Some would say it is a "Lammy" worthy series. LOL

  10. I really got start listening to that FTS podcast. Consider it done, as I go subscribe right now.

    And of course, thanks for the props on the Lincoln review. That one got mostly no love.

  11. @Fletch -Really? I thought the review was smartly done. It odd what people find engaging. Some of the reviews I consider my best get no love, yet some of the ones I consider my worst gets tons of love. Maybe I am the one who has thing all backwards. LOL


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