Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

Point Blank

I enjoy films where average people are pushed to the brink. This thriller looks like it will deliver both suspense and action. Needless to say I am eagerly anticipating this film!

The Change-Up

Jason Bateman could use a comedic hit, Ryan Reynolds has been comedic gold at the box office. Is it a match made in heaven? Or are audiences getting tired of seeing grown men acting immature?


  1. That Change-Up trailer is just dreadful. Sucks, since I actually want to like it given the stars' appeal.

  2. I watched LITTLE WHITE LIES at the london film fetsival and it starred, amongst others, Gilles Lellouche - the lead guy in POINT BLANK. In both films, it involves motorcycle accidents ... what is it with this guy and motorcycle crashes!

  3. Point Blank looks right up my street.

    Like Simon I recently saw Little White Lies and I thought that Gilles Lellouche was one of thestrongest actors in the ensemble. I am looking forward to this!

    Thanks CS

  4. @Fletch – I completely agree with you. The casting peaked my interest in the film but I am starting to tire of all these films where grown men realize they need to either grow up or appreciate what they already have.

    @simoncolumb – I guess Gilles Lellouche is a motorcycle enthusiast. LOL. I am not too familiar with Lellouche’s body of work but the Point Blank trailer has me wanting to seek out his previous films.

    @Custard – Little White Lies is high on the “to see” list, been reading a lot good things about it.

  5. @CS Be warned though, it is a wee bit long, heck its a good 30 mins too long.

  6. @ Custard – I will still give the film a watch regardless though. Sometimes what one person considers too long, another considers not long enough.


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