Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday


Lars Von Trier + wonderful cast + Science Fiction = Me running to the theatre. Lars Von Trier is one of those directors whose films I will watch regardless. His work usually gets a strong reaction out of me.


Did Shakespeare really write all his works? I remember one of my university professors stating that he believed it was Christopher Marlowe who actually wrote the famous plays and poems. While I am not sure that Roland Emmerich, the man who brought us films such as Independence Day and 10,000 B.C., can get to the bottom of the debate, I am willing to see where this particular film takes us.


  1. Melancholia gets a big thumbs up from me!!!

    Not sure about Anonymous, I am not the best with period work. But the idea interests me!!

    Thanks CS

  2. Melancholia has to be my most anticipated for the rest of the year. The only part of the trailer I didn't like was the Charlotte running across the golf course with child in arms, in slo-mo and CGI, much like what von Trier did a few times in Anti-Christ. Looks too fake, so I hope that's limited throughout the film.

  3. On Anonymous, that actually look pretty damn interesting. I'm not much of a fan of Roland Emmerich but I did like Independence Day, kinda liked The Day After Tomorrow and totally enjoyed The Patriot.

    Then there's Melancholia. Well, as a longtime fan of Lars von Trier. YOU BET YOUR FUCKING ASS I WILL SEE THIS!!!!! I survived Antichrist and created probably my last great review during my tenure at Epinions. Everything thought I was completely insane and they were right.

  4. I have never seen a Lars Von Trier movie, and the odds are high in the favor that I never will. His films just have no draw to me.

    As to Anonymous - it looks like it was written by an angry grad student tired of reading Shakespeare. That being said, it could be interesting but as of late Roland Emmerich has become the master of big budget mega-turds.

  5. @Custard – Anonymous probably will not be your traditional period piece film. Emmerich rarely does anything by the books. I actually expect the film to be somewhat over-the-top.

    @Red – The Charlotte golf cart scene is what I thought looked a little off, but I am sure it will make sense once we see the full context in relation to the film. In regards to von Trier’s use of slo-mo, I thought it worked well in the first half of Antichrist.

    @thevoid – Really liked Independence Day , moderately enjoyed The Day After Tomorrow, the Patriot lost me at the end when Gibson inspired the troops by running with the flag. I just could not take the film any more. It is one of those films that really plays better to an American audience than it does a Canadian one.

    @Univarn – I think you should give Lars von Trier a shot at least once. I recommend Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, or Dogville (many hate it, I love it) as starting points.

  6. Oh, I thought the slo-mo in the beginning of Anti-Christ worked brilliantly, but like you said, it just looked a little off in the trailer for Melancholia. We'll see.

  7. @Red - I have a feeling Melancholia will offer much fodder for us to talk about as most von Trier films do.


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