Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Life in Movies

Over at the Fandango Grooves Movie Blog, Andy is hosting A Life in Movies Blogathon on May 8th in which he is asking bloggers to list their favourite movies from each year starting with the year they were born. Without further ado here is my "Life in Movies":

1978: Halloween – A horror classic, that still holds up.

1979: Alien - I am sure Apocalypse Now is the choice of many, but Alien is the film I watch more often.

1980: Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back – No contest here.

1981: Raiders of the Lost ArkMad Max 2 would be the runner-up here.

1982: Blade Runner – Still my favourite Ridley Scott film.

1983: A Christmas Story – Yes, I chose this over Scarface and King of Comedy! Remember the list is about my personal favourites, not best film overall.

1984: Gremlins – 1984 was easily one of the best years of cinema. Ghostbusters, The Terminator, Romancing the Stone, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Police Academy, The Karate Kid, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Beverly Hills Cop were all released in this year.

1985: The Goonies – This was a tough call. Back to the Future could easily take this spot.

1986: Hannah and her Sisters – One of my favourite Woody Allen films.

1987: Predator – “Get to the Choppa!”

1988: Die HardComing to America, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka and Akira are all up there for me though.

1989: Batman – I have fond memories of seeing this film in the theatre.

1990: Goodfellas – “You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little fucked up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you?”

1991: Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Still better than any of the big budget 3D films being released today.

1992: Hard Boiled – One of John Woo’s best.

1993: Jurassic Park – Love this film.

1994: Pulp FictionShallow Grave would be a runner-up here.

1995: The Usual Suspects – Brilliant script, great performances, this film had it all.

1996: Trainspotting – Begbie still gets under my skin every time I watch the film.

1997: Chasing Amy – I never get tired of watching this film.

1998: Zero Effect – Sure there were bigger, and better, films that came out in this year but Zero Effect was the biggest surprise for me in 1998.

1999: Magnolia – 1999 was the best year for cinema of the entire 90’s. Fight Club, Three Kings, Being John Malkovich, Toy Story 2, The Sixth Sense, American Beauty, Boys Don't Cry, and The Matrix all came out in this year.

2000: Almost FamousCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Dancer in the Dark, Requiem for a Dream and Wonder Boys all could have been slotted in this spot as well.

2001: In the Bedroom – Saw this film during my first time at TIFF experience.

2002: Better Luck TomorrowDirty Pretty Things gets an honourable mention.

2003: Oldboy – It was a toss-up between this film and Dogville, this film won by a hair.

2004: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindThe Sea Inside just missed the cut.

2005: Brokeback Mountain – The fact that this film lost to Crash at the Oscars is unforgivable.

2006: Casino Royale – In my top 5 for favourite Bond films.

2007: There Will Be BloodNo Country for Old Men is a close second.

2008: The Dark Knight – “Why So Serious?”

2009: Hunger – Some may argue that this is a 2008 film, but it did not get released in Canada until 2009.

2010: Winter’s Bone – Great film that more people need to see.

2011 (so far): Beauty Day - A film that will be shown at Hot Docs this year. Rubber would be a close second.


  1. Ooh I can't wait to do this! So many great films mentioned here, well done!!

  2. Awesome list!
    I'm going to give this a try myself...

  3. @Rachel – Some years were easier to pick than others. So many great films to choose from…

    @Jack – Please do. Andy has opened this up to anyone who wants to participate. Just be sure to email him the post link prior to the May 8th.

  4. I... need to do this too!

    Casino Royale is among my top 2 of Bond films, because I don't remember many of them, so the other ones can't be that good.

  5. @Lime(tte) - Some of the other Bond flicks I love include: The Spy Who Loved Me, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Goldfinger, Live and Let Die, etc.

  6. Great list, a few of the same movies as are on my list and a few that narrowly missed out. Thanks for taking part

  7. Excellent list! I've got to agree with near all of these. And even though I might've put Terminator or Ghostbusters, or Indiana Jones in the place of Gremlins, it cracks me the hell up that Gremlins beat all of those, so I give you props to that. All in all, awesome list!

  8. @Andy - Thanks for organizing this blogathon, it was fun to look back on some of these films.

    @M.Hufstader - Any of those films would be good choices. Gremlins gets the advantage purely based on my childhood crush on Phobe Cates.

  9. Great list! I struggled with A Christmas Story but ultimately had to go Vacation instead.
    Also went Horror in 78 but Dawn of the Dead won out!

  10. damn good list, we share many favourites. Liked your reference to Hot Docs as well. Only found Hot Docs last week and very interested, even though I can't get there or anything, ha. Will have to keep an eye out for that film.

  11. @Kai - I seriously considered Vacation but I enjoy A Christmas Story far more.

    Oddly enough I still have not seen the original Dawn of the Dead. It has been on the list of films to see for a while, though I did see the Snyder remake a few years back.

    @Hels - Hopefully Beauty Day gets a wide release, I think a lot of people would really have a blast with the film.

  12. Definitely some awesome choices on here, and quite a few that we have in common. I am really happy to see Almost Famous on another list.

    I am also making mental notes to bump up Hard Boiled and Magnolia in my "to watch" queue.

  13. I finally watched Mad Max a few months back; people talking about and/or choosing its sequel over Raiders seems unfathomable to me (especially since I didn't think the first Max was all that spectacular), but it's got me wanting to check out #2 all the more. Sucks that Netflix just took it off streaming (for the US, anyway).

    Kickass list, all-around. We have a ton in common.

    How's the baby (and you two)?

  14. @Eric - Almost Famous nearly missed the cut, they were two other films that I was seriously considering. Yet I kept on coming back to Cameron Crowe every single time...

    Also, Hard Boiled and Magnolia are must see films in my opinion. Magnolia divided many, but I think it is great.

    @Fletch - Mad Max is a fun franchise but no way does it come close to topping any of the Indy flicks (well maybe the Crystal Skull).

    I wish we had the Netflix selection that you guys have in the US. I hope, within time, that Netflix Canada will get all of the licensing issues sorted out.

    The baby is doing well so far. He is getting far more sleep than my wife and I, which is a crime I tell ya! I must say that I am not a fan of the 2 am and 3 am wake up calls. Already looking forward to when that part ends. LOL

  15. i can't say i agree with many of your choices here or if many made it in to consideration for my list but yours is yet another example of a fascinating article/list on this subject.

    and wow The Zero Effect, i loved that film, Daryl Zero is a great character, I feel like I could've seen a dozen of those movies.

  16. Re: Beauty Day, I have bookmarked the blog for updates on international release :) You've got me interested in seeing Better Luck Tomorrow now as well...

  17. @blah Blah Toby - I am still surprised that they never made more Daryl Zero films. I guess it all comes down to the box-office. The film just did not make enough for the studio I guess.

    @Hels - Do keep an eye out for Beauty Day, it was a lot of fun to watch. As for Better Luck Tomorrow, I definitely think it is a must see. Especially if the only Justin Lin films you have seen are The Fast and the Furious films. Better Luck Tomorrow shows that Lin can direct character driven films. Plus it has a great performance from a pre-Harold and Kumar John Cho.


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