Friday, March 11, 2011

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading Schedule for Today:

10 am: Episode 37 of the Reel Insight podcast discuss the career of Emily Blunt.

11 am: Mette celebrates her birthday by evaluating her relationships with certain Bollywood stars.

12 pm: Andrew honors Women’s History Month by talking about Howards End’s Helen and Margaret Schlegel.

1 pm: Ripley shares her thoughts on Labyrinth.

2 pm: Shannon reviews Four Lions.

3 pm: Castor’s wants to know what movie soundtracks do you love?

4 pm: Episode 18 of The Milfcast (aka Man, I Love Films podcast) is now up.

5 pm: The Action Flick Chick interviews Adam West’s family about getting him a star on the Walk of Fame.

6 pm: Dennis interviews Oliver Stone and looks at Stone’s Alexander Revisited: Final Cut.


  1. Thanks for the blogging love! I'm glad you liked the show.

  2. Thanks for the link sir!

  3. Oh, thank you for "linking" me... I know, I'm stupid... nice way to celebrate one's birthday :). PS: I also played Bollywood SingStar with my friends, so it really was a real nice day.

  4. @Jess - My pleasure, it was an entertaining episode.

    @Castor - No problem.

    @Lime(tte) - I had no idea their was a Bollywood SingStar game out, it makes sense though. Glad you had an enjoyable birthday.


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