Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts reunite for the first time since Charlie Wilson’s War. While this film does not look as strong , Tom Hanks is usually Mr. Consistency when it comes to making hits out of the most unlikely premises.


I am big fan of Kristen Wiig’s style of comedy, so I am hoping this will wash away the awful memories I have of the film Bride Wars. Hopefully this film will cement Wiig as a legitimate leading lady in Hollywood. I could see her having a similar career path to Sandra Bullock.


  1. That tom Hanks film looks liek a return to the comedys of the 80's and 90's. I like it!!

  2. I read the Larry Crowne script last year and thought it was one of the warmest and nicest script I've ever read, reminding me of everything I loved about The Terminal. This is exactly what we need right now, a romantic comedy devoid of gimmicks, taking place between two likable people. Personally this is one of my most anticipated of the year.

  3. @Dan – The trailer definitely feels like classic Hanks rom-com. It is nice to see Hanks go back to this type of material.

    @Mike – While I was not a huge fan of The Terminal, felt rather indifferent to it actually, I am kind of looking forward to this one. I completely agree that it is nice to finally see a romantic comedy that relies on a charming story and not a gimmick/high concept premise.

  4. I miss the days when Hanks and Roberts ruled the box office. Much, much simpler times when blockbusters were at least fun.
    With that said, I'm so not dying to see their movie, although nowadays I take my Julia in whatever way I can.

  5. Larry Crowne looks so charming. I feel better from just watching the trailer.

    Tom Hanks is always good value.

    I look forward to seeing that one! Thanks for the headsup CS


  6. @Jose – Julia Roberts really does need a hit. Ever since Roberts came back from that brief hiatus from making movies she has not made a blip at the box office. I thought she was great in Charlie Wilson’s War but few people saw that film.

    @Custard – Hanks is one of the few remaining stars of his era that can still appeal to both young and old. Hopefully this film will show that he is still box office relevant.

  7. I can't say that Bridesmaids looks all that appealing to me, but I like that it exists. Too often we see the men playing children - it'll be nice to let the ladies in on the fun. I just hope it's not a piece of shit, for the sake of future films like it (and Wiig's career).

  8. @Fletch – Normally these type of films are not high on the “to see” list but there is something about Bridesmaids that has me excited. I know Hollywood tried the “women can be childish too” shtick with The Sweetest Thing to disastrous results. Yet it looks like they are going for more Judd Apatow and less Farrelly Brothers.


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