Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading Schedule for Today:

10 am: Lee and Dan’s Midnight Movie Club podcast dicuss the film Night Shift. Also, be sure to tune in next week when they tackle the Tom Hanks classic, The Burbs.

11 am: Earlier this week I was interviewed by Andrew, of Encore’s World of Film & TV, for his Interview with a LAMBpire column featured on The LAMB.

12 pm: Jack comments on Red Cliff and lists of off a few historical epics he enjoyed.

1 pm: Rachel talks about Marion Cotillard joining The Dark Night Rises.

2 pm: thevoid99 reviews Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers.

3 pm: Film Gurl looks at For the Love of Movies.

4 pm: M.Hufstader celebrates Valentine’s Day by looking at some killer couples...emphasis on killer. The list also includes memorable “Bromances” and “Sistamances”.

5 pm: Rorydean reviews Fight Club.

6 pm: Graygrrrl has a nice recap of the BAFTA Awards and what they might mean for the upcoming Oscars.


  1. Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it!

  2. Thanks for the links CS. I've got one more Bertolucci review to release later today. I also have a review of The Last Emperor that I plan to release later on once I obtain the 3-disc Criterion DVD set.

  3. @JackL – My pleasure, Jack. Keep up the good work.

    @thevoid99 – I will be sure to give your review of The Last Emperor a read when it is up

  4. Cheers for the link! I've been swamped lately and haven't dropped by to say hello, share the blogging love. Hope all is well-> Best

  5. @rorydean - No worries just keep on posting and we will keep on reading.


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