Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

Bad Teacher

Although the casting is good, the trailer is both unfunny and juvenile. Considering that I have liked the other films Jake Kasdan has directed, I will try my best to go into this one with an open mind.


I can honestly say that I am looking forward to this remake. Russell Brand is the perfect choice to fill Dudley Moore’s shoes. Plus, you cannot go wrong with Luis Guzman.


  1. Also looking forward to Arthur. Been looking for an excuse to revisit the original in all its greatness and I'm up for anything that's gives Luis Guzman some much-deserves spotlight.

  2. Luis Guzman as Robin. I like that.

    Bad Teachers has its moments but if that is all they have to offer. Boo.

  3. @Aiden - I have been itching to see the original again as well. Turner Movie Classic is showing it tonight at 8 pm.

    @thevoid- I am hoping Bad Teacher is similar to The Hangover in the sense that all the truly funny moments are not suitable for mainstream ads.

  4. Completely agree about Bad Teacher. Cameron Diaz caked in 25 lbs of makeup also doesn't help!!

  5. Bad Teachers looks like a good laugh, and it's been awhile since Diaz was actually funny.

    Arthur looks OK, if your in love with Russel Brand, and his line of comedy.

  6. @Castor – While I do not mind her as an actress, I never found Diaz to be as attractive as other have claimed.

    @Dan – Diaz could use a comedic hit. I am still trying to erase the bad memories of watching The Sweetest Thing a few years back.


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