Thursday, January 13, 2011

Which is Better

Which is Better?

80's Slyvester Stallone?


80's Arnold Schwarzenegger?


  1. Arnold since he also chose roles that played right into his capabilities and always had a good sense of humor about himself. Stallone had the promise of a great character actor and simply started phoning it in (for the most part) as an action hero.

  2. @Mike – I am in the Arnold camp as well. I find your comments about Stallone pretty bang on. I remember watching Cop Land and thinking how did Stallone get to this point? His career started off so promising and then the acting abilities just fell off so rapidly. I fear that Vin Diesel is following a similar path.

  3. That's easy. Ahnold. He's funnier. He can kick more ass and can spout better one-liners.

  4. I have always preferred Ah-nuld over Sly so I vote for the Gubernator!

  5. Although I'm one of the few Cobra fans out there I'd lean towards Arnie. Stallone has never made a film anywhere near as good as The Terminator (okay, possibly Rocky but that was the 70s).

  6. @thevoid99 – Very true, Stallone’s one-liners always fell flat. Even in Arnold’s weaker films he still managed to get some laughs

    @Castor – Is his term as governor up yet?

    @Dan - I think part of the problem is that Stallone never had the directors that Arnold had. I wonder what James Cameron could have done for Stallone back in the day.


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