Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whatever Happened To...?

Bridget Fonda

I was going to feature my childhood crush, Phoebe Cates, this week but when I was reflecting on her works Bridget Fonda’s name kept on appearing. I had forgotten just how many films Fonda and Cates did together. I have always viewed Fonda as an actress akin to Laura Dern, the talent is there but the quality roles just are not being offered. Given the right material Fonda could easily reclaim some of the magic she had back in the 90’s.

Career Highlights: Single White Female (1992); A Simple Plan (1998); Jackie Brown (1997); Army of Darkness (1992); It Could Happen to You (1994); Strapless (1989) Bodies, Rest & Motion (1993); Camilla (1994); Doc Hollywood (1991); Scandal (1989); Grace of My Heart (1996); Touch (1997); Little Buddha (1993).

Low Points: The Point of No Return (1995); Monkey Bone (2001); Singles (1992); Lake Placid (1999); Kiss of the Dragon (1999); City Hall (1996); Mr. Jealousy (1997); The Road to Wellville (1994).

Last Seen On The Big Screen: The Whole Shebang (2001).

Where You Will See Her Next?: Currently Fonda does not have any films in production.


  1. Clearly she's not living up the Fonda name.

  2. I liked Bridget Fonda and I've wondered where is she. Some said that she got tired of the Hollywood spotlight and decided to be Mrs. Danny Elfman for a while. I don't know. I want to see her working again.

  3. @Movienut – I would figure that the name alone should guarantee her steady work in the business.

    @thevoid – I guess that is a good reason to take a break from the industry. Still, I would love to see her in a John Sayles type of film.

  4. @Marshall – Come on, she had her moments. Without Fonda we would never have films today such as The second thought...


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