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Top Films of 2010

Top Films of 2010

Narrowing down the list to ten films was much harder this year than it has been in the last couple of years. The fact that there were two ties on my list is a testament to the great selection of films that have been released in 2010. 

10) Never Let Me Go – Saw this, and Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, on the plane coming back from my grandmother’s funeral. Both deal with issues of mortality but for some reason this particular film really stuck with me more than I thought it would. (Full review coming soon)

9) Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Ignored by the masses, Scott Pilgrim was both a comedic and visual assault on the senses. Hopefully this film will find a decent cult following on DVD.

8) 127 Hours / Black Swan – Did a double feature of these two films the other day. Although they are two vastly different films, I was extremely impressed with both of them. Still cannot decide which one I love more. (Full reviews coming soon)

7) The Social Network – Despite the claims, it is not the movie that defines a generation. Regardless, the film is a gripping legal drama that will have you looking at the issues of ownership in a whole new light.

6) The Illusionist – If one film can stop Toy Story 3 at the Oscars it will be The Illusionist. Subtle and sweet, without being overly sentimental, the film will reaffirm your faith in mankind. Plus, the hand drawn animation is better than most of the 3D cartoons released in 2010.

5) Micmacs / The Art of the Steal – Two of my favourite films from the 2009 TIFF finally it theatres this year. Unfortunately neither the hilarious crime capper (Micmacs) nor the gripping art theft documentary (The Art of the Steal) found an audience in their limited theatrical runs. I believe both are on DVD now, so be sure to seek them out at your local video stores.

4) Toy Story 3 – The animated film that made grown men cry is a testament to how you can make a film franchise work. Never losing sight of the importance of good story telling, Toy Story 3 found the perfect blend of humour and emotion.

3) Inception – “A smart summer blockbuster” is not a term you hear often but that is exactly what this film was. Visually stunning, great ensemble cast, and a brilliant plot, Inception was a sight to behold. The best thing about the movie is how it actually gets better upon repeat viewings.

2) Blue ValentineBlue Valentine has received more press due to its initial NC-17 rating than for the quality of the film itself. Which is a shame considering how good this film actually is. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are simply stunning in this film.

1) Winter’s Bone – I absolutely loved this film. The story was original and Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was outstanding. Out of all the films that I saw this year, it was a simple film about a girl determined to find her father that impacted me the most.

Honourable Mention: Ajami, The Kids Are All Right, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The American, Mr. Nobody, Fish Tank, The Messenger, The Last Exorcism, Shutter Island.


  1. Great list! I just re-watched your number one on blu-ray this week, and lordy is it stunning. Ditto, during my year end podcast, it landed on three of the four guests' lists of the top five films of the year.

    Just added this list to my Everybody's Talkin' post from Thursday that's collecting everyone's tens.

    Happy New Year!

  2. @Hatter - There is a rawness to Winter's Bone that is just so chilling. The world the film creates is both unsettling and captivating at the same time. I will have to give your podcast a listen to see what other films made the cut.

    Thanks for adding me to the Everybody's Talkin' list. Much appreciated.

  3. Of the films on your list that I haven't seen, 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives' and 'The Illusionist' interest me the most.

  4. Nice list! Winter's Bone is terrific indeed, I was pleasantly surprised with it. Was expecting some cliché indie drama and got something that evokes myth, truly great stuff.

  5. You cheated and snuck more than ten in there :P. Anyway, great list despite the fact that I find Toy Story 3 so very overrated.

  6. Great list! The Social Network was my number one for the year. I think it's interesting what you said. Personally, I don't think the MOVIE defines an entire generation, but I do think that Mark Zuckerberg (as portrayed in the film) is a CHARACTER that defines a generation.

    Quoting from my review:

    "The Facebook CEO as portrayed by Eisenberg is a character for the ages; quick witted, abrasive, socially inept and unexpectedly ruthless – essentially every characteristic we would associate a youth who makes a life for himself online. Eisenberg deserves every accolade, including the Academy Award for Best Actor, for a performance that represents the bile of an entire generation, yet never once breaches the borders of disbelief."

  7. Love the list and the blog in general is great.
    Can't wait to see Blue Valentine..

  8. Nice top 10 CS! I haven't seen Blue Valentine as well as True Grit but I would definitely expect to love both of them enough that they could be in my top 10 (which I posted just a few minutes ago ahah). Glad to see you plug Winter's Bone!

  9. Great list though I'm not going to have my list be done anytime soon.

    There's some films I'm waiting to see like Blue Valentine, The Way Back, Another Year, and of course, Somewhere. I'm not going to be satisfied unless I see those films and everything else that I've missed.

  10. @Edgar – Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives was a very interesting film. Not what I expected at all. I hope to have my thoughts on the film up either this week or next.

    @Jose – It is one of the few films this year that I immediately wanted to see again once the credits came up.

    @Mike – Guilty as charged. :) I was a big fan of Toy Story 2 and was stunned at how much the third instalment had exceeded my expectations. I can see why some may not love the film though

    @Tom – I like you assessment of both Zuckerberg and Eisenberg’s portrayal of him. Mark Zuckerberg was my favourite onscreen villain of the year. You could see why people would hate him yet you could not help but root for him anyways.

    @Simon – Always nice to see a fellow Micmacs supporter.

    @5plitreel – I am anxiously waiting to read your review on Blue Valentine when you get around to seeing it. It reminded me a lot of the French film 5 X 2, which I also loved.

    @Castor – I am really looking forward to seeing True Grit, unfortunately I probably won’t get to it for several weeks. I will give your list a read to see what other films made the cut.

    @theVoid99 - Somewhere and Another Year are both high on the ever growing “to see list”. The Way Back may make my 2011 list as it has not opened up here yet.

  11. I wonder how many films can be said to have defined a generation...god, even my favourite film wouldn't get that honour. But I do love The Social Network and Scott Pilgrim - god, it's a pity that one hasn't caught. It's still the most fun I had with any movie this year.

    (PS. Have you seen/do you plan on seeing Rabbit Hole.)

  12. @Andrew - I have not had a chance to see Rabbit Hole but I am hoping to catch it at some point in 2011.

  13. A pretty spot on list, although I've not seen your top 2 (or even heard of them) so I now feel like an ignoramus.

  14. @Dan –LOL. You are by no means an ignoramus. Just look at it as two more films you can look for and talk about in your podcasts.


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