Friday, January 07, 2011

Sharing the Blogging Love

Wondering what bloggers have been chatting about this week?

Here is Your Reading Schedule for Today:

10 am: It figures that Lee and Dan’s Midnight Movie Club podcast would decide to take a week-long break just as I discover their site. Luckily, they left us their entertaining discussion of The Running Man to past the time. Also, check out their podcast on the Gregory Hines/Billy Crystal gem, Running Scared.

11 am: Tom shares his thoughts on Oscar hopeful The King’s Speech.

12 pm: Darren looks at one of my favourite franchises, the James Bond series, as part of James Bond January. Excuse me while I go and load up Golden Eye on the Wii...

1 pm: Andrew examines one of the forgotten characters in The Kids Are All Right.

2 pm: Hatter has an interesting piece on the fall of Blockbuster least in his area.

3 pm: Marshall not only talks about blogger burn out, but he also reflects on how blogging can keep you away from the simplest pleasures in life

4 pm: Univarn has a great article, entitled The Alienation Opinion Theory, in which he tries to figure out why there is so much love for Exit Through Gift Shops (a film I still need to see)?

5 pm: The Action Flick Chick asked readers to finish the line: any movie can be improved by adding... . Take a look at the responses they got.

6 pm: Episode 196 of the Cinecast podcast looks back at 2010.


  1. Thanks for the love!

    Let me know what you make of the Wii iteration of GoldenEye. I thought it was decidedly okay - I think the multiplayer needs bots, if only to balance play between two human players of different skills. I know the original didn't have them, but it's spiritual successor - Perfect Dark - had one of the best bot systems I have seen to this day.

  2. That post by Univarn was really good. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Thanks for the love! I really appreciate that someone read my rant.

    In case anyone was wondering, I'm back in full force blogging now that I got to season 7 of "The Office."

  4. @Darren - So far I think the Golden Eye game is fairly good, though I have not delved fully into it yet. . My friends and I were just commenting on the multiplayer aspect a few days ago. While online play is fun, we did not like that we (beginner level rankings) were getting paired up with players ranked 4 and 5 times higher than us. Still, for a first person shooter (which I normally do not like playing), I am enjoying it.

    @Sasha - No problem. See you at the next pub night.

    @Marshall - It was a well written piece. Always glad to share posts that I enjoyed reading.

  5. Not that I don't appreciate the link, even if it is accidental, but the Univarn link goes to my site by mistake.

  6. Thanks for the plug! Most appreciated.

    We're only taking a couple of weeks off, we've done a run of 54 episodes in a row and need to recharge our batteries :)

  7. Thanks for the plug man!

  8. @Jump_Raven - Thanks for pointing that out, the changes have been made.

    @Dan - Looking forward to Season 2, I am slowly catching up on the first 54 episodes.

    @Tom - My pleasure. Keep up the good work.


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