Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

The Resident

This film seems very reminiscent to the Sharon Stone/William Baldwin thriller, Sliver...just slightly darker.

Take Me Home Tonight

This movie actually feels like it should have come out in the 80’s instead of now. Oh well, at least Anna Faris is guaranteed to generate a few big laughs.


  1. Hmm can't get the audio to work on the second trailer. But love Faris!

  2. @5plitreel - Not sure why the volume kicked out...added a new version of the trailer so the sound should work now.

  3. Take Me Home Tonight actually looks surprisingly very good. All these stars look like their bringing in the comedy that may be better than last year's 80's comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine.

  4. @CMrok93 – I am a little leery about Dan Foger in this one. I do not think he is as funny as Danny McBride and others in that comedic niche.


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