Monday, January 10, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

Ice Age Continental Drift

How many of these are they going to make?

Cedar Rapids

I worked in the insurance sector several years ago and things never got this wild. Clearly I was working for the wrong company.


  1. Cedar Rapids actually looks very funny, and will prove if Helms actually can carry a film. Which from what it seems, he can.

  2. Hi CS... my thoughts.

    Well, Cedar Rapids looks like it would be a fun film while I like that short for the new Ice Age though I don't want to see another one.

  3. I suspect they will continue to make Ice Age movies until people stop going to see them.

    Police Academy 7 anyone? *shudder*

  4. @CMrok93 - My only fear is that Helms will get stuck playing the same role over and over. While Cedar Rapids looks promising, it seems very similar to his work in The Hangover.

    @thevoid99 - The Ice Age teaser trailers with the squirrel are always entertaining. Too bad the rest of the film never lives up the teaser.

    @Dan - Was number 7 the one where they went to Moscow? They all started to blend together after a while... Still, Police Academy 1 & 2 were entertaining.

  5. Actually, it was called Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. That one sucked. That's my least favorite of the entire series.

    I do love that franchise. Notably the first four with Steve Guttenberg. I grew up watching those films as a teen. The next two with Matt McCoy were OK but nothing interesting. The 7th in Moscow seemed uninspiring as it wasted the likes of Ron Perlman, Claire Forlani, and Christopher Lee. I could geek out on that entire franchise.

  6. I'm quite excited for Cedar Rapids! Ed Helms is the man on The Office.

  7. @thevoid99 - Speaking of Police Academy, they have been showing number two on television up here a lot recently. Which is funny considering we just finished a week straight of Back to the Future marathons. I guess the cable networks are going back to the classics.

    @Marshall - Hopefully this will do for Helms what The 40 Year-old Virgin did for Carrell.


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