Monday, January 03, 2011

Movie Marketing Monday

Movie Marketing Monday


The highs and lows of drug use have been the subject of many films. However, I like the sci-fi spin that this film takes.


Saoirse Ronan going all Salt-like to the music of The Chemical Brothers...yep, I am interested.


  1. Hi CS. Here's my take. Limitless has an interesting premise though I don't think it will pay off. I know where it's going despite a pretty good soundtrack. Plus, I have a very low opinion on Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro (as of late with the latter).

    Then there's Hanna which looks like a really awesome film. Plus, I really hope Joe Wright redeems himself after being bored by The Soloist.

  2. @thevoid99 - The only thing that worries me about Limitless is that it reminds me of the Nic Cage film Next. That film had a good premise but ended up being just plain silly.

    Joe Wright has been hit or miss in my opinion. It looks like he is back on track with Hanna.


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