Thursday, December 09, 2010



I had an awful case of insomnia last night, hence the shorter than usual post today. Normally, when I have problems sleeping, there is usually some cheesy flick on television that helps me get back to sleep (e.g. House of Wax, 12 Rounds, etc). Unfortunately there was no such movie last night. Still, this got me wondering:

Which movies have put you to sleep in recent years?


  1. White Material. I saw it at the New York Film Festival last year and fell asleep...I don't completely blame the movie, because I'd had a long night the night before, but, I mean, it definitely didn't keep me awake...heheh

  2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Such a long movie!!!!

    Also Troll 2 was so terribly bad it was physically exhausting and I had to take a nap midway through before finishing it.

  3. Well... that depends on what is or isn't playing. If there's some weird film or something. I'd go see it. If there's a classic arthouse or foreign film. I'd try and watch it but I get too tired.

    and then... yes... there's the softcore porn films. Back in my teens, I would stay up just to see tits and ass. I'd watch them now and they're not what they used to be. They do put me to sleep.

    It's just that the films I would see with Shannon Whirry, Shannon Tweed, or any of the films made by Andy Sidaris were fun to watch. The films Shannon Whirry did had great lighting as I recalled and it was by the guy who is Chris Nolan's DP.

    I watch these new softcore films and with the exception of probably the Misty Mundae softcore stuff she's in. Everyone else looks plastic and the sex scenes tend to drag everything.

    I'm not sure I'm helping you on this. I'm just trying to base on what I've experienced.

  4. @Robert - Sometimes you have no choice but to "power nap" (as I like to call it) during Film Festivals. I remember falling asleep during both Tuck Everlasting and In America at TIFF a few years back.

    @Castor - Yep Button was an overly long movie. I know several people who fell asleep during that one. I have not seen any of the “Troll” series but I am up to date on the “Leprechaun” franchise.

    @thevoid99 - I try to make it a rule to not watch too many foreign films late at night. There is something about reading subtitles after 10 pm...I always seem to drift off to sleep much faster than I would if I was watching a non-subtitled film. Also, I cannot say I am familiar with Shannon Whirry's work, but I do remember seeing a few Shannon Tweed films ("Scorned", "Hard Vice", etc.) back in the day.

  5. Dark Water, the original one, although I was pretty tired to begin with.

  6. Ali - strangely enough. Then again, I watched it late ... and it is a long film ...

    Apologies to Michael Mann and Will Smith.

  7. @Spooky Sean - Funny enough I actually fell asleep during the Dark Water remake. I found it had lost the creepiness that made the original so good.

    @Simoncolumb - Ali was longer than it really needed to be. The only thing I enjoyed about the film were the scenes between John Voight and Will Smith.


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